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Media Player hangs on Audio CD autorun


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Ran into this problem. Research isn't helping much since its such a new issue. Windows Media Player will hang upon the autorun of an inserted audio CD. This only occurs on Windows 7 x64 (Pro, Home Premium, Ultimate) if IE10 is injected into the image. Images without IE10 and its pre-requisite updates do not have this problem. Also WMP is able to autoplay a DVD with no problem.

See files located here:


Files include:

- Report.wer from the Event Viewer error path

- MediaPlayer.PML from a ProcMon trace

- adplus folder (Hang_Mode dump recorded)

Let me know if you have any ideas.

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I found another peice of hardware where it doesn't work. I configured the OS for bugcheck but the key presses aren't working. The computer is not locked up, as I can go about doing anything else except initiate the bugcheck or use Media Player.... Also on this particular PC, the CD drive can never read an audio CD in Explorer if an audio CD is in the drive when computer boots or reboots. If I take the CD out (with Media Player still in hung state) and put a DVD in, it is read and accessible from Explorer. Data CDs work fine also.

I'll try another system to see if I can get it to bugcheck.

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Make sure it's PS/2 - USB is a polling bus, and can be blocked from working in lots of scenarios. PS/2, being an interrupt bus, should always work as long as windows isn't totally hung.

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Install this hotfix:

Windows Media Player freezes when the computer AutoPlays an audio CD in Windows 7


Consider the following scenario:

You install Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computer.

You configure the AutoPlay feature so that Windows automatically uses Windows Media Player to play audio CDs.

You insert an audio CD to the CD-ROM device, and then Windows Media Player starts.

In this scenario, Windows Media Player freezes.


This issue occurs because Windows Media Player runs in Windows 7 compatibility mode after Internet Explorer 10 is installed.

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