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How to edit registry so that it doesn't need to restart before ins

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The Web of Trust, the IE Spell checker, the Amazon "add to" icon in the menu bar of IE 8 was already in there and running weeks ago before I did a normal repair/install "BEFORE* uninstalling IE8. That made it so it reverted to the old IE6...sort of, that did not work well. All these were already installed an running weeks ago with a IE 8 system. They just showed back up, now working, since the IE8 slipstream.

"1 - Did you EDIT the WINNT.SIF file before the Burn (you said the reverse)." Yes, I edited before making the ISO file

"3 - What "updates" are you talking about? Slipstream would have taken care of that if you slipped ALL of the -X- Updates + IE8 + MP11 + SP3." There was an update/fix from Microsoft that I donwloaded and inclued it in the things to add on. Actual file is WindowsMedia11-KB939683-x86-ENU.EXE Even if it was already part of any updates, that files would simply be an overwrite, correct?

"BTW, you DEFINITELY need to Restart after the Repair!' Yes I did a reboot after the repair/install. All things came up and I rebooted after all was finished loading. There were a few .dll files that did not "register" that the system reboot caused them not to run or register. After the reboot, I tried the Media Player Icon and it came up alright, but says Meidia Player 10 on it.

" Did you use a CLEAN Source (required)?" Yes, I used my orignal XP PRO w/sp1 disk I have, and the SP3 saved on my HD as a file in the folder I did all these things. N-lite asked for the SP Folder and I pointed to in, and it was intergrated into the windows share as normal.

" I guess I could test the scenario just to see what the problem might be. I also notice you (said) you previously "Slipstreamed" OTHER software!" Just to clear this up, none of the web of trust, etc was slipstreamed normally. That was installed on IE8 months ago when IE8 was working normally on my computer. The only slipstream I did previously was just to put in SP3 into my original disk and I used "AutoStreamer" software for that. I don't think Auto Streamer has the ability to add anything extra.

Now, as far as updates to include as add ons/slipstream I have XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 20130212 I got from here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7184

I also have another update pack called UDC-02.12.13 that I created a 7-zip file and is now UDC- file . The one frim Ryan says it intergrates with N-lite as well as his integrator. This link shows the update for download: http://integrator.siginetsoftware.com/index.php?addons&id=239

Hope that this info is useful.

Edited by Gibbs

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Point #3 above - NOOOOOOO!!!!! Use ONLY what I had listed for WMP11 by using the WMP11 INTEGRATOR.

Do NOT use RyanVM! Use -X- files you got and use MY INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER!!!! The only thing LACKING in the SINGLE INSTRUCTION POST was all of the links to be used to GATHER the WMP11/IE8 files but they WERE pointed to in the Post-By-Post list I gave. I specifically said do NOT mix any other fixes with this one because it will not be correct!

Look at this DIRECTLY from the "Update Pack"!

KB973540 - Security update for Windows Media Player 9
You STOMPED on the MP11 Integrator step! THAT pack does NOT take into account IE8 or MP11 and nLite got REAL confused! That's the reason -X- "generated" MP9 CAB files that you should REPLACE with the Original from MS EXE files I listed. It APPEARS that the ONLY thing that save you with the IE8 is that you MAY have integrated it AFTER the RVM-Pack. nLite has REAL HEARTBURN with the MediaPlayer EXE files because the are Multi-Version Updates (includes MP9/MP10/MP11 in ONE SINGLE EXE).

AND as for the "WindowsMedia11-KB939683-x86-ENU.EXE" - if you look at -X- website you'll find that it was Superseded and should NOT have been included! (ref my list of files).

Start over again and do EXACTLY what I said and do NOT do ANYTHING any other way or use ANY other AddOns/UpdatePacks. Period! If need be I will gather EVERYTHING in the way of links, instructions, and SPECIFIC files to use. It shouldn't be necessary, though. Your mistake was using RVM (an Add-On style "glom") instead of -X- (direct injection per-file)!!!

NOT to say the RVM-one is BAD, just that it does NOT consider IE7, IE8, MP10, or MP11. That's the reason for using THIS method, which DOES take them into consideration!

Edited by submix8c

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4.If you're slipstreaming IE8, replace WindowsXP-KB2761465-x86-ENU.exe with IE8-WindowsXP-KB2761465-x86-ENU.exe.

5.If you're slipstreaming IE8, replace WindowsXP-KB2510581-x86-ENU.exe with IE8-WindowsXP-KB2510531-x86-ENU.exe.

6.If you're slipstreaming IE8, replace WindowsXP-KB2797052-x86-ENU.exe with IE8-WindowsXP-KB2797052-x86-ENU.exe.

I have downloaded these 3 files. which footnote 4. 5. 6. say to replace the aforementioned with these. Where exactly are they found that I should replace them?

Or do I need to actually worry about them if I use the UDC- file?

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Inspecting the IE8.Add-on.Creator, it actually downloads the initial IE8 Installer and creates file "IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.OnePiece.7z". This file should be inserted into the Hotfix List BEFORE the Note#4/5/6 IE8 Files. REMOVE the Original IE6 Files.

Let's try this again -

(Pre-information - IE6sp1 and WMP9 are INCLUDED in XP-ServicePack3)

1 - UNPACK the "UDC-02.12.13.zip" to ANYWHERE (make a folder)

2 - RUN the "UDC-02.12.13.bat"

-- The execution DOWNLOADS all Post-SP3 EXE files from

----- MIcrosoft (ALL Hotfixes after SP3)

----- Adobe (Flash Player)

-- AND creates a number of CAB files (Add-Ons) which INCLUDES WMP9 "WindowsMedia"

3 - MOVE the Original IE6 files (Note#4,5,6) to ANYWHERE else!

4 - MOVE ALL "WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KBxxxxx-x86-ENU.cab" files to ANYWHERE else!

5 - UNPACK the "IE8.Add-on.Creator.zip" to ANYWHERE (make a folder)

6 - RUN "RUN ME! IE8 Add-on Creator.bat"

-- The execution DOWNLOADS the IE8 Installer and creates -

----- ONE "IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.OnePiece.7z" (Add-On)

7 - Have the WMP11 Installer and FIVE WMP11 REPLACEMENT files ELSEWHERE!


9 - PUT the WMP11 Integrator EXE in the NLITE folder

Now we Integrate -

1 - In Service Pack, select the SP3

2 - In the Hotfixes, select ALL files still LEFT in the "UDC-02.12.13" folder

3 - STILL in the Hotfixes, select the ""IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.OnePiece.7z" Add-On

4 - STILL in the Hotfixes, select the THREE IE8 REPLACEMENT files

5 - STILL in the Hotfixes, select the WMP11 Installer

---- Note: It SHOULD ask for any other UPDATES (the FIVE REPLACEMENT files)

---- If it does NOT, then select them AFTERWARDS

6 - BEFORE the Create ISO, change the WINNT.SIF per the link

7 - Proceed to create the ISO and Burn

Do NOT do anything else and do NOT use any other options!

edit - IF you have ALREADY run the UDC Batch file and you 7-Zipped it, then UNZIP IT first because you NEED the files inside it (see above)! It is NOT an Add-On (actual FILES and some GENERATED add-on). This is NOT like a RyanVM Add-On, but the CAB's generated ARE! You have CONFUSED yourself with OTHER Add-Ons and methods - IGNORE ALL OF THAT as it DOES NOT APPLY for this process!

Edited by submix8c

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Yes, I notice that the UDC- would not be added to the N-lite selection. It came up with an error (X) I tried compressing it as a .rar and still would not take. Odd thing is that it took the Ryan VM with the .7z extension and not the one file UDC- even though it had a .7z extension.

I started doing this BEFORE your last post. I will print the last post and follow that exactly. Curious question though, is when ran the BAT file and it downloaded all those files it creted them in that same folder with Adobe.cab and so on. When running N-lite, when I choose the selection button and went to that folder how would I select "ALL" of those files, or is that even necessary?

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Yes, it DOES put all of the Post-SP3 files in a SINGLE folder and it's THERE that you MOVE the NINE file OUT of (three IE8 EXE files and SIX MediaPlayer CAB files) because you will be using the ONE Generated (via the Add-On Creator) IE8 Add-ON + Three Replacement IE8 Hotfixes and the WMP11 Integrator + WMP11 Installer + the Replacement FIVE WMP11 Hotfixes. I gave you the Order Of Selection which should be AFTER the -X- files (those left in the UDC Download Folder after Moving the Nine Files out).

As far as selecting, you can mass-select by navigating to the UDC folder, select the FIRST file, scroll to the LAST file, press SHIFT and select the LAST file and voila! the will all be inserted.

edit - you need EVERY SINGLE FILE that was specified AFTER moving the files you do NOT want (replaced) and using the Newly Generated, Added, and Replaced. Leave out NOTHING after moving EXACTLY what was specified (from UDC).

Summary -

- SP3

- All UDC Files (after MOVING the NINE files)

- One Generated IE8 AddOn+ THREE Hotfixes that must be inserted AFTER it!

- One MP11 Installer + FIVE MP11 Hotfixes that must be added AFTER it.

Side Note - UDC BAT file and IE8 BAT file cleans out EVERYTHING that was INITIALLY unzipped, so ONLY the Necessary Files remain in Those Folders to be used by nLite. The ONLY thing after that is to REMOVE the NOT WANTED files from UDC and use REPLACEMENT stuff to Upgrade to IE8 and MP11, just like IF you had Installed them AFTERward.

Seriously, NOT complex IF you follow the instructions EXACTLY. Don't "assume" anything - just do it!

edit - DO NOT CLICK WITHIN THE HOTFIX WINDOW on the Filename Bar at the top - it SORTS the Filenames and that will BOLLOX the order of the IE8/MP11 Files out-of-order! The MUST be done AT THE END IN PROPER ORDER! They CAN, however, be moved up/down within the Window (just don't do it).

Edited by submix8c

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These are the Filenames downloaded, extracted, selected WMP9 items kept, and "repacked" via the UDC BAT into CAB files.






Round-about way -

Going to http://xdot.tk/updates.html and searching for the KBxxx (e.g.)


you will see the MS Bulletin Column - click on it. Do NOT click on the NEXT column (the KBxxxx) as that gives just the Documentation about it and no link to the Download. After clicking on the MS Bulletin link (right-click and Open In New Tab to retain the -X- page) scroll down until you find "Windows XP Service Pack 3". To the RIGHT (second column) will be ANOTHER link - OBSERVE that you use the CORRECT KBxxxx link as SEVERAL may/may-not be listed. Click directly on it and you will be directed to the Download Page.

More Direct way -

Google (e.g.)

"WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB954155-x86-ENU.exe" download site:microsoft.com

replacing the KB number for each one and go directly to the Download Page (usually the first one listed).

The Direct Links to the files are inside the UDC BAT file if you know what to look for but is irrelevant in this case. -X- has indicated using the IE8 Addon Creator since IE8 doesn't require WGA. He has NOT given a link to the WMP11 since it DOES require WGA to be allowed to download. The Hotfixes ALSO require NO Validation. Rule are Rules - no Direct Links allowed to be posted and NEVER (even in a Downloader) for one that requires WGA. I've been working on a BAT/CMD file to automatically do the "shuffling/redownloading" but that's for my own purposes. ;)

edit - You might take a look at -X- "Footnote 9", Sort by Date just like you would in Windows Explorer (View->Details checked) and clicking on the Date (ascending) Bar. Just remember that IE8 and WMP11 must be done LAST (unsorted) and in the correct order.

Edited by submix8c

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Used the computer at work to build my XP Pro / SP3 with WMP 11 , IE8, along with those updates from -x- UDC-

Went in there and deleted out the files you said in referernce to WMP 9. I selected all the rest of the updates in that file and N-lite took each one of them. Then when it got to the WMplayer file it automatically started up the Booogy intergrator and continued on after the WMP Intergrator was finished. Burned an ISO, brought it home, did a Repair/Install and booted twice after the main screen came up. IE8 works (as this is what I am typing on) but WMplayer is not MP 11. Still 10. Still have that issue that I must restart my computer for any MS programs to complete or update. Funny how it's just Microsfot stuff, and not some other vendor. MP integrator installed just fine. Other programs installed alright as well. As the heading said for this thread, there MUST be someway to look at some part of the registry and change it's value so that it thinks everything has installed than needs to install without a reboot.

I get that fixed and I can install the WMP11 executable file I have on my D:/ drive.

I checked MS update site and got an error that shut down the "tab' so I googled and found the latest update agent for Windows Update and downloaded. When I still had the website open, as well as the folder where i saved it, I got that restart error as before. Pasted below in jpg. (I used print screen to save the language).


Annoying little bugger!!!

Edited by Gibbs

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Can I post a Link to Avenquest "Registry Utilities Professional"? It is supposed to:

The registry is your PC's nerve center - storing information, software settings, hardware, preferences and more! Over time computer settings become inaccurate and lead to software crashes and errors but Registry Utilities Professional fixes these common problems thoroughly, quickly and easily!

Dramatically boost PC speed

Fix all Windows errors in minutes

Clean, repair & optimize your Windows registry

Eliminate PC freezes, crashes and blue screens

Speed up PC start ups and shutdowns

Would that be an option to fix that registry that is kind of dysfunctional? Any more dysfunction and I'll have to take it to a psychiatrist for help. LOL

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Um... Registry Cleaners mess the registry up. No "real geek" uses them unless they know EXACTLY what's being "cleaned".

Now, back to your PREVIOUS post. If you integrated EXACTLY like I said, you would have already HAD the Latest Windows Update Agent.


Generated from THIS


Method created by

:: Windows Update Agent by [u][i][b]submix8c[/b][/i][/u]!
:: WUA files info courtesy of ricktendo64 and 5eraph
:: SFX and XVI32 info courtesy of WildBill
:: PARTCOPY (split) info courtesy of jaclaz and dencorso

SURELY you didn't move ALL "CAB files"!

AGAIN, have you even TRIED any of the "clean it up" Links I gave, in PARTICULAR (from Post#30)


Go to "Let me fix it myself" and SKIP Step#11 (you SHOULD already have that Slipstreamed). BE CAREFUL and follow instructions TO THE LETTER or you could be a goner! <---DO THIS!

Side question - WHAT is the EXACT message you get? Post#14

pop-up windows<snip>on my desktop saying the system needs to reboot to complete updates

AND... a REAL silly!

Go to Start->Run-> and enter: msoobe /a <---- DO THIS and report back

to see if you're "activated".

Quit trying to Install Extra Stuff after the Slipstream is PROPERLY Constructed! Everything is already included!


there MUST be someway to look at some part of the registry and change it's value so that it thinks everything has installed than needs to install without a reboot.
What, exactly, do you think I gave the LINK for? FUN??? DO IT! It's DIRECTLY RELATED to MICROSOFT UPDATES FAILURES!!!!

BTW, try turning OFF Auto-Update (THAT'S "for fun").

Big Giant Addendum! -

Per the Picture you FINALLY posted! HOLY KRUD!! That's NOT the "Update Agent! That's a NEWER version of "Windows Installer"! http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8483

THIS is why I said DO NOT install ANYTHING beyond Repair Install AFTER the FULL INTEGRATION! From the Picture, I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in that folder as for as KBxxx Fixes that you DO NOT ALREADY HAVE OR IS SUPERSEDED BY A NEWER ONE! (picture does NOT list everything - Defender is GARBAGE and is SUPERSEDED by MS Security Essentials!)

Is THAT the Message you REPEATEDLY get? THE EXACT MESSAGE??? Is THAT why you KEEP trying to install it? That's the ORIGINAL MESSAGE? BEFORE you tried to instalI it? f so, STOP IT and do the MS FIX LINK ABOVE!!! Clean its "Microsoft Update" brains!

Also, do you get ANY error when attempting to open the Windows Media Player REGARDLESS of what "version" you THINK you have? Do NOT use the Desktop link! USE THIS

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Windows Media Player

We'll NEVER get to the bottom of this if you keep doing "extra stuff" and NOT doing "do this stuff"! That is NOT the way to do Problem Analysis (introducing new Variables)! We NEED TO KNOW what XP THINKS is Pending (if ANYTHING after Repair Install with Integrated)!

(submix8c <-stupidly persistent)

edit - P.S. It could be something OTHER than MS software (not knowing if that was the ORIGINAL error) that is "stuck" in your TEMP folder. ;)

Edited by submix8c

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Um... Registry Cleaners mess the registry up. No "real geek" uses them unless they know EXACTLY what's being "cleaned".

Yes to this comment! :thumbup Don't use them.

The only way registry cleaners can ever be considered safe is if you know exactly how to back up your registry hives and also know how to restore them. What I mean by "registry hives" is the files in native binary form, not a registry export. Registry exports are useful for many things, but on Windows NT versions they cannot be used to recreate your registry in binary form ( on Win9x yes, but with caveats on large registries ). Windows NT has ACLs that are not exported. So saving the entire set of binaries is the only sure method of backing it up.

Some of the registry cleaners do give the ability to merely create a list of items to be changed without actually changing them. I find those useful for audit purposes, but never allow them to do anything. Changes are made manually later after carefully examining every one of their suggested "improvements".

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Followup - let's see if THIS will help see what may be boogering you. The THEORY is that absolutely NO Fix Folders should be listed because a Repair (Over-The-Top) will DELETE all of them.

I'm unsure if it WILL delete them IF you do it from BOOT to the CD method. AFAICR, I used the ALTERNATIVE method (Running OS). Look BACK to the MichaelStevens link I gave.

Side note: There should be absolutely NOTHING (Updates) showing in "Add or Remove Programs" with "Show Updates" checked under "Windows XP"(?). ( the ? is because I'm currently running my Server and it lists as such...)

Download the attached, Unzip it "somewhere" and run BOTH "BAT" files. Zip the TXT-file Outputs (two of them) and attach BOTH ZIP files in your next post. All these will do is do a DIR for "C:\Windows\" "$NT*.*" + "$HF*.* folders AND the LOG files "*.LOG".

Note - for YOU to Attach your ZIP'ed files (two of them), use the "Use Full Editor" (under "Fast Reply"), use the "Browse" and select each file then click "Attach This File" then click "Add to Post", one-by-one.


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Thanks for the tip on registry cleaners. I DO use a program called ERUNT every once in a while and save the regsitry to another hard drive. Basically it creates a new folder with the date and backs up the registry with an option to include other users into that folder. If you ever have to restore a particular registry, you go to that "folder" and select the ERUNT icon and run it. It restores the registry in a process that requires the sysem to shut down. Google ERUNT sometime to see what I'm talking about. I have registries saved up back into June of 2012 in that one folder "Registry Backups" on my one internal HD.

EDITED to include those 2 zip files attached below:




The System jpge... which I could have gotten by right clicking on My Computer on desktop. Or AIDA32 I think has a very big section on what's what.


I've actually have had this problem as far back as the end of Jan, 30th and if you see the registry backups there in early Feb was when I was still having some place to "Go back" to.


Edited by Gibbs

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