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  1. On post #71 above I noted the value of keys [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\UpdateExeVolatile] "Flags"=dword:00000003 and [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\UpdateExeVolatile_01C60B4A7471BAAB] "Flags"=dword:00000002 Then I got to thinking about if these were on other XP running computer. Checked "TASTE", "OFFICE1", "LAB2", "SERVER (which is XP PRO) at work. None of them even had these keys. I checked my wife's computer when I got home and she didn't have these keys. What was different? A few years back I installed Server 2000 in this computer and run if for a time as a server doing some tests on php scripts and .htaccess and so on. I never uninstalled it...until today. After I used Revo Uninstaller it found 6421 registry entries associated with this program, which I seleceted and deleted. Then I went through the the service packs and other add-ons for Server 2000 and uninstalled them as well. Rebooted and all is running fine and no UpdateExeVolatile showed back up. Perhaps it was an issue with someting hanging with this software installed long ago. In any case, the computer is running as it should, no broken pieces, no strange behaviour, and Media Player 11 still plays what I need it to with Amazon UnBox. No need to reply to this post, I just wanted to share a bit more info on this perplexing problem of inability to install certain MS products like SP3, MP11 and IE8. No, I did not have to reformat drive C and start from scratch.
  2. Wife and I watched the downloaded episode of The Mentalist "Red Barn" tonight. It is the first time I have seen this since I downloaded it back in Feb 4th. IE 8 works, MP11 works, links and email all work. Finally the computer is back to working probably better than it has been since before Feb 2013. Many thanks to all, and to submix8c and especially to -X- for that great link of the registry with those strange values of (3) and (2) which I reset to (0)
  3. Yea, I know they (UDC) are not "packs" but actually files. It was a slip of verbage. Copied every single file to the nlive 'add on" when asked as well as all the other 3 IE8 and 6 MP11 file "hotfixes".
  4. IOW, you have USELESSLY downloaded and installed a BUNCH of Updates via WU! More than likely. However, It was funny that when I ran the N-lite program and inclueded -x- updates UDC pack that it would even find any updates. Those updates from -X- web sites should have brought it all up to date. However, I did notice this in the path of LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\UPDATES It must have been from an ealire "reinstall" when I used the Ryan VM update package. Further down on that list on UPDATES, you will see the reference keys of UpdateExeVolatile and UpdateExeVolatile_****** You said: "ALL of those Updates are in the UDC Download. GO CHECK/COMPARE THE FILENAMES! " where are the UDC Download files stored?
  5. Got home for lunch and looked at what happened with the updates. It found 67 updates and I clicked on install. ALL this before I read any email posts from submix8c. It downloada a bugger full of megabytes of updates....then failed. This is the screenshot of what I saw. It had ask me to run on Automatic Updates, which I did, and not get that "NAG" of a popup saying I need to restart. BIG UPDATE!!! I went to the first link of -X- of the geekstogo.com website and selected and printed the following (from at work) : I recently had the same issue as outlined in this thread. During my troubleshooting i found many forums and pages pointing to the registry keys noted above but none to the registry key that eventually remedied my issue. I called Microsoft and was pointed here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\UpdateExeVolatile] "Flags"=dword:00000003 and [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\UpdateExeVolatile_01C60B4A7471BAAB] "Flags"=dword:00000002 After changing the above keys to "0" I was able to install SP2 and updates successfully. I wanted to put this out there because during our search i saw no reference to these keys. I just looked in my registry, and the one was set to a value of 3 and the other was to a value of 2, so I changed them to a value of 0. Value 3 means" Both a software update installations and a software update removal are awaiting a system restart. If the incomplete update is a security update, then the system may be at rist until it is restarted" Value 2 means: "A software update installations is awaiting a system restart. If the incomplete update is a security update, then the system may be at risk until it is restarted. Value 1 means: "A software update removal is awaiting a system restart.' Value 0 means: "A system restart is currently not required" These values I found at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc164360(EXCHG.80).aspx I hope the link works *S* After I did that I close the registry and went to my folder that had the Windows Media Player11 installations files. It made a backup of the registry, and proceeded and successfully installed Windows Media Player 11. Below is a screen shot of my computer after I set up Media Player 11 settings.
  6. Thanks, -X- ! That was one of the first of many registry corrections I tried several weeks back. I tried it again this morning before going to work, and rebooted. When I went to Windows Update site (after deleting that value "RebootRequired" it gave me the same message. I opened the regedit back up (hint to others: if you close the registry editor without collapsing it, when re-opened it will go to the exact same spot you last viewed) and there it was again, after I had deleted it and rebooted. So.... I deleted it again and then went back to IE8 and clicked on the Windows Update (Tools) and when I went there it asked me "Express" or "Custom". Headed for work about then and it was running and so was the HD looking at stuff. When I get home will see.
  7. Ok, I wish to clarify. In the C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\ is a files WMPLAYER.EXE . I hover over it and it give me file version If I double click it, Windows Media Player ver. 10 opens up. So after the configruation I closed it. There is no Windows Media Player 11 found, except in my registry. Not in the Program FIles. What you see in the bacground of that screen save is where I had made a folder and unpacked the WindowsMediaPlayer11.exe files so that it shows all the files. If I click on the oringal executable it merely unpacks to a temp file and starts the install. One of the FIRST things it dows is Validate my copy of Windows. It does that. Next screeen asks for the acceptance of the EULA. Once I click that it starts with the mesage Windows Media Player is installing the upgrade. It gets about 75% of the way and then the ERROR mesage. The WPA.DBL shows a modified date of 3-10-2013 at 8:53PM (NOTE: I just tried it again to get the verbage for this post). Also next to it is a WPA.BAK file that was modified 10-27-2011. I used B first and then tried A for repair install. Didn't try the C method. *.nt folders are in the C:/Windows folder, but don't seem to be as many of them. 49 at count, all hidden except for one. #5. > I Just opened up a new tab and choose Windows Update: Got this message: You need to restart your computer to finish installing a program or updates. You cannot view or get other updates from the site until you restart. Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x8DDD0007) yourself. This is where MSOOBE.EXE resides in my system: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oobe Would you like a screenshot of the folder? running MSOOBE.EXE returns nothing. I had issues with installing Internet Explorer 8 like I had mentioned previously, probably post #1 or so. Anytime the system "consistently" keeps thinking there is a need to restart for installing something like the MS products it makes me think that there is a glitch in the Microsoft portion of the registry. After all, I did download and successfully install and run CC Cleaner. I can try to install IE8 again to see if the same error message pops up, but with IE8 working I am reluctant to mess with that. BTW, I slipstreamed SP3 onto a Windows Home sp1 CD for the "TASTE" computer using the Auto Steamer and prior to installing cloned HD into new case and motherboard I uninstalled IE8 from her computer. When set up and re-activated I used the IE8 program on my "LAB2" computer across the network and installed IE8 successfully for her. She is now doing great going from an ABIT mb to a GIGABYTE mb with a 64 bit processor.
  8. Unofficial XP SP4?

    I have installed SP3 on a running Windows XP system to see if it could fix an issues with someting missing on one of the computers at work that already had SP3 installed. He kept having an issue opening Excel files on our server and it would hang for the longest time. I re-installed SP3 on it and rebooted. Worked fine for re-install but not for his issue. I had to finally use Revo-Unistaller and removed Office 2003 completely and then delete the registry entries Revo-Uninstaller found. After that I re-installed Office 2003 and his isses with hanging were all gone. Now if you can install SP3 on a running system, then to have a SP4 that included updated files and release, hotfixes, etc. would be an idel thing. Things like Internet Explorer ver 8 and Windows Media Player 11, etc would the the norm on a SP4 and no need to slipstream all that, just run it on a running XP install that had at least SP1 installed.
  9. I've followed it TO THE LETTER and is integrating as I speak. In the exact order that you mentioned and "cooking" directions. I forgot and clicked the Unattended install, so will have to edit the file in the i386 and delete the part with the [uNATTENDED] section of WINNT.SIF I use Crimson Editor for most of my editing, really nice edit program. EDIT: UPDATE I burned the CD and installed via "upgrade" with a running Windows system and even did it as a reboot and "reapair" option. IE 8 is NOW working fine, however, Media Player 11 did not install on the slipstream even after all that detailed instructions (Thanks and kudos to to submix8c for all the posts). I still get this when I try to install Windows Media Player 11 on my computer... it gets to about 75% and then fails the install, no matter how many times I reboot or logoff and log back on. This long thread (now 4 pages) is mostly about slipstreaming using N-lite , and really should belong in the N-Lite sub-forums. submix8c "did" put the proper instructions into that part of the sub-forums in this forum site. However.... Please re-read post #1. This started out not about slipstreaming, but about a way to do a search on the registry to "FIND" that key or section that was making the system think it needed to reboot before doing anything more. There is a glitch in the registry someplace. What key words would I use in the "FIND" part of the registry?? I have tried "restart" "reboot" to no luck. Somewere in the registry there is a value of (1) in some part that makes the system believe that no more installs can be done before a complete restart to finish a file; or program install or unistall; or update to a program. I posted in the Windows XP sub-forum since I believed this is the proper place to ask about registry entries and fixing a problem with the registry. still issues with installing certain MS products (3-10-13)
  10. You said " As for the REPLACEMENT files, I SAID to use the Windows Explorer View Details - you could FURTHER go to -Tools->Folder Options General Tab - tick "Classic"->View Tab-> --"Display the contents of system folders" - YES --"Show hidden files and folders" - YES --"Hide extensions for known file types" - NO --"Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" - NO (click OK) -Click "Apply" and the "Apply to All Folders" I have done that years ago. I like to see system files and folders. The original installation CD I have says "Windows xp Professional Includes Service Pack 1 Version 2002" So I am using my original CD to create the slipstream.
  11. THANKS -X- !!!! What was confusing me was back on page 5 there was a list of these 5 files, but when I looked at the files after the bat completed, those files with those names, like KB954155 and so on "were" in there. These new files are quite larger in some regards and anyone reading this will realize that the last links you gave me are the included updated KB files that I cut and moved out of the UDC-02.12.13 folder. So now I 'll use nlite again and use this new one. Add the SP3 first, of course, then the IE8 one step, add the UDC-02.12.13 files, add the MP11, and add those 3 IE8 files.
  12. Just a quick update back..... When I used that BAT file from -X- It first goes to the Microsoft server to get those updates, and tries 10 times, if it cannot it goes elsewhere. Well, I run that on MY computer (one with issues) and it failed 10 times to get anyting from that ftp MS server. My computer does not like to talk well with MS..... So, it went to the alterate server. At this moment I have moved the Folder UDC-02.12.13 to my wife's computer (that does like Microsoft) and run the batchfile UDC-02.12.13.bat and it instantly connected to MS. Just wondering if maybe there is some things different on that alternate site in that other country that might not have wanted to play nice with WMP 11? From the bat file itself it says: wget --tries=10 --retry-connrefused --waitretry=10 ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Services/TechNet/samples/PS/Win98/Reskit/NETADMIN/PROFMGR/TOOLS/CABARC.EXE if not exist CABARC.EXE echo Downloading from Microsoft failed. Using mirror... && echo. && wget --tries=10 --retry-connrefused --waitretry=10 "http://www.cacgroup.cz/podpora/ftp/Software/wxpreskit/Support Tools/cabarc.exe" I believe that is a ftp server site in Czechoslovakia. Anyway, the batch file finished and has all those cab files and compressed folders in it now. I can copy that intire folder over into my OS folder on my C/ drive and work from there, removing those files that are not supposed to be included since they reference Windows Media Player 9, or 10. Those 5 files I am to replace in there, are for the Media Player 11 files, correct? I have yet to find out all those file names, or a place to grab them.
  13. Working on it now... 7:32pm here. Just back from Walmart and Pizza Hut. Glass of Leinenkugle Cream Dark and will get going.... EDIT: Had a bit of a problem as when I started to do an "upgrade" it found something that prevented it from continuing. It was WindowsPowerShell ver. 1.0 Found it in the registry, and found it in c:\windows\system32\Windows Power Shell\ - folder. No uninstall for it, in fact MS says it can't be uninstalled. So I did the next best thing. I exported the registry key and sub keys of PowerShell and then deleted it. Then I renamed the folder and moved the entire folder out of System32 folder an put in in C:\ and then in the "Startup" menu it was displayed, but clicking on one of the text info's did nothing but try to search. I deleted the startup folder and retried the repair... which is now going as it should. One other thing. There was a program awaiting finishing, and it said to log off and log back in. I did that and got that default rolling hills with "some' of my icons and there were programs that finished out in there. Then I clicked Restart and booted back up and put the CD in and is now running the "upgrade". Also you said: "OK, fine.... That Product Key can only be used ONCE according to the MS Eula. In addition, you have REPEATEDLY stated it was SP2 Pro (which it is not) You MUST have slipped SP2 into it at some point. " I couldn't remember saying that "repeatedly" and looked back using CTRL+F which give me Find. SP2 is mentioned 3 times on page 1.. in your posts, and 4 times in page 3.... in your posts. Yes, at one time I had slipstreamed SP2 into a CD with the original CD, using the old method ..by hand. IE copy to a folder named OS/BOOT and then using the Run command literally slipstream in the SP2 into that folder "ROOT". I had an ISO that I got from TackTech and used Nero 5.5 to bun the ISO image onto CD, using the manual instructions on TackTech website. I did build this new CD using the original SP1 CD and the network (large file) SP3. I have used this in updating the computer at work to SP3 from just the one large file. We were on satellite and bandwidth was precious and we could, as well as here at home when we had Hughes.net, could get dinged for too much download in a given 24 hr period. Funny thing is now that it is done, IE 8 works but the icon is now missing from the desktop Fixed via Program Access and Defaults.. Also I uninstalled Windows Media Player 10 hoping that the only thing on the CD would be MP11 and it would force it to be in it's place. Don't think so. I checked and MP10 is back into the folder of c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player. I thought at least with MP10 COMPLETELY uninstalled... I mean there wasn't even files in the Windows Media Player folder, that the one to be there would be version 11. Makes me wonder if I can slipstream the install into a boot disk and install it before anything else has a chance to interfere with it?
  14. (note - I have no clue as to whether Academic will repeatedly Validate - Remember the "msoobe /a" command you never responded to?) I clicked "start" "run" and typed in msoobe /a and got this error: "Windows cannot find 'msoobe' maker sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again..... then some info on using "search". It is activated though. Here are some quick .txt files I exported from System Information... In one it shows blaster, referring to Sound Blaster, which I no longer have that sound card in the computer, but use the sound device off the MB. I also had a LOT of issues with Filestream's Turbo Backup ver 7 and 9. It was having an issue with Visual C++ and created an unexected stop/ or error. So I downloaded Visual C++ in the 2005 and 2008 version installed and uninstalled both of them. And even eventually uninstalled both TurboBackup ver 7 and Ver 9. Figured I would get it configured when I got the other issues resolved. EnvironmnentVariables.txt RunningTasks.txt Services.txt WindowErrorReporting.txt
  15. I used to have XP Home and then a teacher friend of mine bought XP PRO retail SP1 Academic version which I bought from her and used to 'upgrade" my computer from home to pro. Perhaps that might explain it?? So, just try running an upgrade within a working windows and see what happens. Honestly, because of the fact that it kept seeing some sort of file to finish installing requiring a restart I thought a repair/install would eliminate that and overwrite any pending restart ques. I was wrong. In doing so, without first uninstalling IE8 I ended up badly with no IE, and still had that difficulty with the recurring ask for restart. I did run ESET Nod32 AV ver. 6 a few days ago and did a more thourough seach and it found a boot sector virus and removed it. Since it runs all the time I am not sure how that ended up in there to begin with.