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How to remove wait time in DPsXtrct.exe Driver Pack Extractor

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I am trying to make a completely unattended installation with no prompts and no options. It has DPsXtrct.exe launched from presetup.cmd as is normal for Driver Pack Extractor.

However - it gives the below extractor prompt - and if the user moves the mouse over the window - then the "Auto-Extraction" 1-minute countdown timer goes away. So it now becomes no longer unattended! If the person accidently moves the mouse - then they have to do something! I want to make it so that it always auto extracts with no delay and theres nothing the user can do to change it.

Does anyone know how to make DPsXtrct.exe auto-extract with no delay?


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Um... we are in NO WAY associated with DriverPacks.net. You should be asking over there -


I also notice that the above link has the ONLY download for that program on Page#2. Ask the Author over there - they are not on MSFN.

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I was working with a pre slipstreamed CD and I thought DPsXtrct.exe was the official DriverPacks install tool that everyone used but could find very little information on it. Turns out from submix8c's post, that it is just a one-off GUI written by a community member.


I found an official presetup.cmd example created by the official Driverpack tool and the way it does it is just with un7zip.exe. So I replaced the line calling DPsXtrct.exe in presetup.cmd with:

%CDDRIVE%\OEM\bin\un7zip.exe %CDDRIVE%\OEM\DP*.7z %SystemDrive%\


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