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My shortcuts keep disappearing.

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I just reinstalled XP Home x86 for a friend. I setup most everything and then I create a second account for his wife. I then install his wife's stuff and setup everything for her.

I then log back into husband's account and botice wife's programs are installed on his side. I remove short cuts and then go back to wife's side and all the shortcuts are gone on her side that I deleted on husband's side.

I delete a few of the shortcuts on the wife's side that were part of creating a new account. When I log into husband;s account all items deeted from wife's side are deleted on husband's side.

This is very strange. I never had this happen before.

It's like wife and husband's desktops are shared.

Both users have admin access.

Is there a work aroud?

Thanks in advance.


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Yeah. Put the shortcuts in their profile folder. Not All Users.

I assumed that's where they were going. I just right clicked things and said make a shortcut to desktop. It's always worked before without issue.

I ended up using the, "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" on the old computer and they imported fine and all is working as it should.

Just strange it didn't work as usual this time. I figured it was something corrupted.

Thanks for your help


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