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Put desktop shortcut on taskbar in Windows 8

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I have been trying to get a "desktop" icon or shortcut on the taskbar so I do not have to minimize everything when I want to get back to the desktop. I have Googeled it and got several solutions but have been unsuccessful so far. Windows 7 had that little rectangle to the far right on the taskbar, but not on Windows 8. Some of the instructions tell you to get the shortcut on the START menu. That works but then I need to hit the Start button, and then search for the desktop shortcut. I also tried several times to PIN the shortcut to the taskbar, again, no luck. I have downloaded Classic Shell, to get the Start button back etc. maybe that is stopping me. Suggestions please, Mike

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Mr Snrub---You are correct, Thanks. I guess I did not see it because there is no line as was in Windows 7. But when I put the mouse down there and click, I come back to the desktop like I wanted. Thank you again, Mike

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you'd have to re-enable quick launch to have it shortcuted like in past

then in notepad:






save as "show desktop.scf"

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