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Slightly Newer Version of MemInfo Available

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I posted about this little program under the Windows XP thread last August ... saw that a slightly newer version is now available.

Windows XP post:

Just came across this little program today and really like it, posting some info about it in case anyone might want to try it out or may have been looking for such a program. Having recently left Windows 98SE for XP, I was glad to be able to transfer many software programs to Windows XP. However, one program that I really liked on 98SE doesn't work on XP and that is Memload v2.0 ... it would easily show the amount of memory being used by all running programs.

Then I found MemInfo v3.2 today ... it has several nice features and it will also show the amount of memory being used by a program just like Memload did in Windows 98SE. By default it shows 5 programs but the number can be easily changed to any or all programs. I set it to 20. Just right click on the systray icon and you see what programs are using the most memory from top to bottom. It also can replace RAMpage and a little program program called ResMan from EnTech Taiwan.

RAMpage ... (Windows 98SE)



ResMan ... (Windows 98SE)



Memload ... (Windows 98SE)



MemInfo v3.2 ... (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7) ... sort of a combo of the above three 98SE programs.


MemInfo lets users keep an eye on their computer's memory at all times. It gives a real-time look into the workings of computer systems. With ease and subtlety, MemInfo is a great tool for memory hogs.

The program's interface is so basic it doesn't matter that there is no Help file. There is basically no interaction here: users just view the statistics of their memory. What few commands there are operate quite simply. MemInfo embeds itself into the user's system tray and stays there. To view its information, users simply scroll over the small icon. A small information box opens and displays physical memory as megabytes (MB), percentage of memory used, and page file in MB. The icon also changes colors to warn users. It stays green under 65 percent usage, turns yellow above 65 percent, and red at 95 percent. The program's finest feature is undoubtedly the defragmenter that can be utilized by right-clicking. Here, users can free up a lot of memory just by clicking a button.

By staying simple, and offering great information at a glance, this freeware program will be a favorite of users who are obsessed with their memory usage.

... didn't see it already mentioned anywhere but I don't have much luck using the Search feature at times.


New version is MemInfo v3.2 SR1 at this link:

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT


... just to add, if you did once use RAMpage with Windows 98SE then you can have the "lime on black" color with MemInfo also, that's how I have it set up on XP.


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