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Windows ADK (Updated AUG 2015)

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Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK)

I was unable to download the ADK through a proxy server using the "adksetup /quiet /layout <path>" command so have done up a Update List (Error - Check your Internet connection - great work Microsoft! - Wouldn't a company that needs the ADK, would also be using a proxy server these days?) .

Hope there will be a full iso release to download offline in the future, however, in the meantime you can make use of this.

Keep all the downloaded files in a subfolder named Installers under adksetup.exe



Edit:  8.1 Update now includes Patches\8.100.26866 subfolders, however WUD can't make multiple subfolders so I have called it Patches_8.100.26866 instead.  You will need to make the required subfolders before running adksetup otherwise it will prompt for the location of the files.


Edit: Added Windows 10 version.




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