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DVD drive "incorrect function" error; "ghost" drives a

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Hello, all.

I've been using the same XP setup for quite some time, with no issues. Just the other day however I noticed my DVD drive stopped working. I had been loading some graphics off a DVD for editing. When I finished working I just left the DVD in the drive. Returning to the computer later, I noticed two things:

1). My DVD drive now appears with the description "CD drive (G:)" instead of DVD drive.

2). A non-existent "ghost drive" now appears with the description "CD drive (H:)," and is, obviously, inaccessible.

3). When I try to access my DVD drive, the message: "G:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function." appears on the screen.

Of course I have already tried to remove the drive from my system, reboot, and re-install the original drivers. But it gives the same result. I have accessed Computer Management via Administrative Tools, but I'm unable to see nor remove the "ghost drive" that now appears as H:.

For some time I've had a "ghost drive" appearing as E:, which XP seems to think is a hard drive (which can't be accessed either because "The parameter is incorrect.", but I let it go because it wasn't causing me any problems. But now I think the CD drive that XP seems to believe exists IS causing a problem.

No other devices are having any problems right now. Just the DVD drive.

Can anyone give me some insight into the problem, and possible solutions? I'll be glad to provide additional info, if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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Hm. The drive seems to be working now, after uninstalling / re-installing the drivers three times [!]. So that's solved.

But what about the two "ghost" drives? I've tried several suggested methods to remove them, but to no avail. I suppose it's not too big a problem since they don't seem to be doing any harm, but seeing them appear in My Computer is annoying, and I'd really like to understand (just for curiosity's sake) why and how they got there, and how to remove them.

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