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Issue with multiple XP installs on same disk - only reads boot.ini on

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This all started as I wanted to take an image of an XP install from a dying machine and add it to another machine with an existing install of windows XP. The clone (using clonezilla) went OK. However the second XP wouldn't boot and after some research I updated boot.ini's on partition 1 and partition 2. I also used SystemRescuseCD to delete the Mounted devices entry from the registry.

I actually did a Windows Repair install today on partition 2 and I can now boot to that however this is the process I have:

grub4dos hides partition 1

unhides partition 2

chain loads ntldr (I believe from partition 2)

calls boot.ini on partition 1

select the windows installation on partition 2

system boots with partition 2 being c drive, partition 1 invisible.

This is where I want to be, however to get here I have to make the correct selection in grub4dos AND windows boot manager.

Does ntldr have a pointer to boot.ini? I copied the file on partition 2 and gave it another name. I edited grub to use that file - and it did, but it still went to boot.ini on partition 1.

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