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Installing Applications with Unattend.xml

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I have search in several forums and this may be beating an old horse, but I have not found a clear way of installing applicaitons with Windows 7 unattend.xml. I am doing this with a USB drive.

I hear a lot of first logon and setupcomplete.cmd. None of these has really worked for me.

One of the applications I want to install is firefox.

Can someone please give me a clear example?

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From SetupComplete.cmd - silent firefox install.

C:\Install\myfirefoxinstaller.exe -ms

From unattend.xml

<SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">
<Description>My Firefox Custom Description</Description>
<CommandLine>C:\Install\myfirefoxinstaller.exe -ms</CommandLine>

Notice how the "Command Line" is the same in both examples, that is why it is much easier to use setupcomplete.cmd. A command takes 7 lines from unattend.xml vs only one line in setupcomplete.cmd.

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