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WPI v8.6.3 Release Thread!

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There are some features that were rendered useless by updates or found redundant.

These have\had been removed and are mentioned in the changelog.

*** Fixed getArch6432 and getmshtaBits don't work.

-- They were removed as they did not work properly

*** Removed Tool tip position: Float


People still have a mix of x86 and x64 software and are running into

issues with installing the proper architecture version. Now in Config

Wizard -> menu -> Other there is a new Architecture item.

Instead of creating two entries for each program with conditions to hide

it depending on x86 or x64, do it this way as a shortcut:

When adding items in the Config Wizard, if needed, double the entries

for the install program:

{x86} D:\MyProgram_x86.exe /s

{x64} D:\MyProgram_x64.exe /s

When start the installer and it comes to these entries, WPI will check

the architecture bits (32 or 64) and either skip the entry or install

it like normal.

It will say Skipped when not on the right architecture.

This is only needed if the install package doesn't have both versions in

it and checks itself for which to use.

This method will reduce the number of entries and not require any

condition statements.


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Never planned it to be. I have bought my own copy of each version (even tho my company I work for has lic. for them all). I just want to have all my norm used programs I install ready to install when I reformat my PC every 6 months (Firefox, Skype, VLC, Trillian chat, etc). So this prog. seemed like the best one out there :). Thanks for all your help and information :)

Yes it does work on 7&8 I dun know about 8.1 yet.

Please remember though WPI is not free for business uses.

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Where exactly do I place the WPI folder... Do I place it in the root , in the sources or in the "$oem$\$$\setup\scripts" folder... I am asking as I put it in the sources folder and when it is supposed to be running, nothing happens and the windows install is stuck in the same place (no WPI.exe running at all). So was wondering if I need to put it in another folder...

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