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  1. Is it just me or is the startisback.com website down?
  2. Where exactly do I place the WPI folder... Do I place it in the root , in the sources or in the "$oem$\$$\setup\scripts" folder... I am asking as I put it in the sources folder and when it is supposed to be running, nothing happens and the windows install is stuck in the same place (no WPI.exe running at all). So was wondering if I need to put it in another folder...
  3. Never planned it to be. I have bought my own copy of each version (even tho my company I work for has lic. for them all). I just want to have all my norm used programs I install ready to install when I reformat my PC every 6 months (Firefox, Skype, VLC, Trillian chat, etc). So this prog. seemed like the best one out there . Thanks for all your help and information
  4. Hey im new to useing this so im sorry if these questions seem stupid. First I need to know if this will work on a Windows 7/8/8.1 install disk? Also where do I put the files on the install disk (or does the program do it for me?)
  5. Its not warez. The first iso was an iso made so admins like me could have all Windows all in 1 iso for easy install on our networks. I downloaded it cause I am not that educated enough to make them myself. Once I downloaded the first one and learned how to make an AIO, I made my AIO (the 2nd one) from the MS issued iso's from my MSDN account but still dont know how to add the Dart 8.0 to the install disk boot. This is the rerason why I am asking you guys for help on how to add it so that I can add it to my own iso.
  6. I did not, I downloaded it. If I made it then I would not have to ask how to do it then would i . If anyone could inform me how to do it that would be great
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if there is a program I could use for my install disk that would allow me to choose which OS install to select? What I have is 2 full Windows OS disks (windows 7, 8, 8.1 AIO)(Windows XP). I want to put them both on a 32gig flash drive as a bootable drive. I need a way, when booting from this flash, to allow me to select the OS to install. Is there a program to do this, or a way to do this? If so please show me how or direct me to the page that shows this. Thank you, Whwebsolutions
  8. See I have an AIO but of just 7, 8 and of server 2008r2 and 2012 and when I boot I see this: I would like to know how to make this on another AIO that I have? If possible if you could either tell me a step by step or point me to a link that has this step by step. That would be grrrrreeaaaaatttttttt . BTW I would be using Dart 8.0sp1 for this. Note that I dont want to have it as a boot option on my Hard drive, I would like to make it a boot option from the AIO install disk like shown above. I also tested the Dart 8.0 64 Bit seen above on a Windows 7 64 bit that was installed on a VM and it worked perfectly:
  9. Hello I was wondering if WPI will work with windows 7 or not? If so is there a walk thru for it?
  10. Hello all I was wondering if there was a way to integrate the Language packs for windows 7 RC into the setup like vlite does? I do not know ANY of the code or anything for WAIK but I would love to integrate the LPs into the setup. Is there a way to do this easily with a program or no? And if not, how do I do this?
  11. Are there any easyer ways to do it? I would use thinapp but if I use that then I get no updates and it is slower to use then if it was installed.
  12. Hello all. I was wondering if it would be possible to intergrate office 2007 into my install.wim file so that when i install vista, office 2007 will already be installed when vista is installed? Is there a way to do that with vlite? Anything? Please let me know Thanks alot beforehand
  13. Hello I have Vista Ultimate. I know vista has ALOT of services that start up with it. Well I was wondering what services (that came with windows) can I kill to make it startup and run faster and better?
  14. Ok I got the information but how do I extract the files from the wim files?
  15. I have vista ultimate, but i customized it using nlite and took out the sidebar (because at that time i did not want the sidebar), but now I do want it. Does anybody know how to install the sidebar? I tried the install/uninstall microsoft products things but it is not there. So is there a way to install only the sidebar from a non customized DVD?
  16. There is no please here with winfilter. Can someone help me out by putting a link here were I can DL it?
  17. whwebsolutions


    Hello I was wondering something. I am using XP SP3 and vlite. When opening vlite for the first time it asks me to install WAIK. Can I install WAIK on XP? Also do I even have to install it as it is 1.something gigs to DL if I dont have it installed. Please let me know

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