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Installing 98SE on Emachines w3629

Steven W

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submix8c, I got the issue covered. I'm using Opera 12.02 as my main browser and I'll get an old version of SeaMonkey for issues (like using Java, etc). Right now, I'm more curious as to why later editions of FF behave this way when using VBEMP and if anything can be done about it. FWIW, I've use FF8 on another system with 98 SE on it and it was slower than 3, but it was acceptable to me.

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submix8c, I almost forgot about you. I got to looking at that inf file and as far as the hard drive goes, the thing does not copy any files. It just makes the controllers show a name in the registry and device manager.

So, as long as your using a partition that's 137 GB or less, all you have to do if you have a SATA hard drive is start and run the install until the thing won't boot, get into safe mode, and you'll have to play with the IDE Channel settings of the hard drive controllers. Mine had two controllers showing in the device manager the top one has to be set to 'Only Primary IDE Channel enabled' and the bottom one to 'Only Secondary IDE Channel enabled'. That may vary depending on your machine's setup. Here's a screenshot (not mine!) showing where the setting is:


Once you have the proper setting for the hard drive and reboot, setup will continue.

I strongly suspect an IDE hard drive (using a partition with 137 GB or less) would simply just boot.

I was making it more difficult than it had to be in my previous attempts.

To make sure we're on the same page here, I have exactly 1 GB RAM, more than that and I'd have to work around it (according to dencorso).

I have the default settings used in the BIOS. The only thing that I can think of that might worth noting is an option for SATA speed. I have Disabled, Force SATA I and Force SATA II. Mine is set to Disabled. That seems to be the default. No need to disable hyperthreading, Windows 98SE seems to be fine with it enabled.

Once you get fully booted then you can use that file to perform updates, just install 7 zip, extract the files, go into the device manager and update device drivers one at a time by pointing to the !UPDATE.W98 folder.

If you use VBEMP driver, make sure to set up a _default.pif, to force fullscreen of the command prompt/dos-based windows:


NOTE the underscore in that file name!

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