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Modifying ext2 file in windows xp

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How do I modify / edit a ext2 file not partition in windows xp? I want to modify arl_rootfs.ext2 used in avg_rescue_disk so that I can offline update the definition file "incavi.avm" file

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The initrd given with avg contain this line

mount -t ext2 -o loop /mnt/usb/arl_rootfs.ext2 /mnt/root

So it is a linux ext2 ram disk image, i don't know any simple XP tool to do it.

But with a linux livecd or a linux: you just need to create a mount point (for example: mkdir /mnt/avgmountpoint ) and then do

mount -t ext2 -o loop path_to_/arl_rootfs.ext2 /mnt/avgmountpoint

Then copy your files there with cp and then umount the ramdisk image (umount /mnt/avgmountpoint ).

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You have two options: Ext2Fsd or Ex2IFS, so read about them and take your pick. I know they're able to mount normal ext2 partitions, but I cannot guarantee either will mount a linux ext2 ram disk image.

Do not forget to create a full system back-up, before you install either, so that you can recover easily, if anything goes wrong.

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If I have to use linux livecd than abetter option is to boot using the bootable usb drive with avg rescue disk and use file manager (Midnight Commander) from the utilities menu.


"You have two options: Ext2Fsd or Ex2IFS". I have tried both but both can only access a ex2 partition not linux ext2 ram disk image

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