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Gimp 2.8 for Win98/ME

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Based on the official Gimp 2.8 with some runtime files from the Gimp 2.7.x Partha builds and a few hacks. Some stuff that didn't work at all has been removed, python, some plugins and gegl plugins and some scripts but more stuff has been added, 100+ extra plugins, all existing GTK theme engines including the rare equinox engine and help files as well as a few scripts. Unfortunately the brush editor dialog, brush dynamics editor and the gradient editor are non functional and I could do nothing about that. A few themes are included and they can be selected by using the theme selector executable in the bin directory. Gimp should start by default in single window mode with the Clearlooks Human theme.

Requirements: Windows 98/ME with KernelEx in Windows 2000 compatibility mode for the Gimp and Theme Selector executables and about 200MB disk space.

PS: If using the brush seems abnormally slow, make sure color management is disabled in the preferences, this is a known Gimp issue and I am not sure if it's enabled or disabled by default.

Grab it here: http://www.4shared.com/archive/NgUo4bmi/Gimp_280.html


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