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Routing and Remote Access Service Hangs on startup

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I started to have some issues with my Win 7 Ultimate machine last week. It started to boot extremely slow. More specifically it was slow to log in after a reboot. It acted like explorer would hang when I tried to open an application. I couldn't even run taskmgr to kill processes. I had to power cycle to get it to shut down.

I began the process of narrowing down what was happening. I ran msconfig in safe mode and disabled every autostart and service I could and rebooted. The boot was fine. Then I began to re-enable and reboot one application/service at a time. After several hours I was able to narrow down the problematic service as being the Routing and Remote Access service. It would try and start then hang in the middle of starting up and everything would come to a crawl that would result in me needing to power cycle.

Now I know what the problem is, I don't know how to fix it. It's not like I can uninstall and reinstall. Unfortunantly I need this service to enable me to VPN into my network from time to time.

Any thoughts?

- M2MExpert

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