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New Install CD for XP Pro when you have lost the Original.

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Solved. Finally! (And cured a lot of problems into the bargain.)

As you know from my first post I wanted to make an XP install CD from the installation on the C: drive as I had lost all my original OEM installation CDs.

So I used the Windows setup.exe on the C: drive to set up a copy on the indentically sized D: partition (1st logical drive). I then booted to this partition and used the MS MUI rollback tool to remove the other languages.

I then made a drive image of the D: drive with Image for Windows 1.64 and extracted the files from the image to a folder on the F: partition using TBI View (Two really good software tools, among others, from TeraByte Unlimited in Las Vegas) so that I could use nLite to cut it down to size and make an ISO.

I then formatted the D: partition (1st logical drive) and re-installed a second time from the nLite ISO giving me XP Pro SP2 (OEM) without any unnecessary junk and practically no MUI. (Some keyboards did manage to get past this process but got picked out and deleted from the remaining MUI cache using Reg Organiser.)

As the SP3 downloaded file turned out to have corrupt .cab files, according to the Avast AV, I downloaded the US SP3 ISO and burned it to CDR.

I then installed and ran the subinactil.msi tool from MS using the script which they offered and proceeded with the SP3 update which went in flawlessly.

(Contrary to those who claim that SP2 has to be - fully - updated - before - SP3 will install.)

I then added IE8 and all my other software from the archive on the F: partition, cleaned and optimised the registry, ran chkdsk, defragged the drive, and telephoned MS USA to validate the install.

1 - click later, back up and running. :-)

Just had to go online to update the AV, complete the validation, and add all the many security updates.

Made a new drive image of the, fully functional, D: drive with Image for Windows to archive and then 'restored' it to the C: drive.

Re-booted to the C: drive, edited the boot.ini file and formatted the ... 1st logical drive ... in the extended partition ... where the new install ... had been prepared.....

Login - Logoff works perfectly, as all settings are US English, even with the Belgian (Period) keyboard. (There is a Belgian (Comma) keyboard, but they are quite rare.)

I now have - NO - 'Teefer' (for NT) and 'wpsdrvnt' (Windows PS2 driver NT) errors in the event viewer as there was no PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse attatched when the initial installation was done and these legacy drivers no longer appear in the hardware device manager. Hooray!

So - VERY MANY THANKS - to all of you on the Forum for your help, which has proved to be invaluable.

I hope that some of you might find this helpful in return.

Hope you - ALL - have a great day.

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