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  1. FYI Big Brother's 'computer' and www (what a wicked web they weave when they labor to deceive) is based in Biblical thinking which Bill Gates (Retired) is obviously aware of. ,95 = 1995 AD '98 = 1998 AD 2K = 2000 AD XP = eX Patris (Oh 'father' why hast thou deserted us?) VISTA - a landscape with NO religious sheeple. (Check the desktop wallpapers.) 7 = the Seven headed Monster with ten horns, and other religious connotations. 8 = The sign for infinity turned 90° into an 8 9 ??? Deep space 9. (The Council of Nine or Great Ennead of Egypt.) No Sun no gravity, no orbit, and planet Earth disappears into the abyss of empty space. Time to defenestrate Windows and live life to the full whilst there is still time... http://theabysmal.wordpress.com/2007/03/03/december-21st-2012-an-updated-implementation/ There are now 176 Days to Dec 21st 2012 (00:00:36 Hours) Bye Guys, have fun! Thanks for all your help. Good luck to all of you. Ian
  2. Hmmm;;; So I used pagefile.vbs to delete the Primary drive pagefile (there is one on the 1st logical as well) and it said success! whatever. So I ran analyse in Defrag and it was still there only it had changed from green to blue. Unlocker deleted it. Wonder if there is any way to pin the pagefile to the back of the partition so as to keep it away from the OS files when defragmenting without using Perfect Disk or some other third party defragmenter. The standard defrag plus the addition of Sysinternals Config does a good enough job. Diskeeper is to heavy for a 1.0GHz PIII
  3. NATO

    Drive Order

    Drive letters continued... Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer] "ShowDriveLettersFirst"=dword:00000004 This setting - only - shows drive letters in front of names in Explorer. However in Defrag and Computer Management the drive letters are still - after - the names! Is there any way to make this a uniform setting throughout the system? Additionally: If you open say, the system32 folder, and hold down the Ctrl key and then tap the + on the NumPad the columns are sorted semi-automatically. Is there any way for the system to do this fully automatically not only in the folders but also in the various listings in Event Viewer, etc? Plus.... Is there any way to get the My Pictures folder to always show Thumbnails and - then - to always show the contents of each Thumbnail folder as a Filmstrip instead of having to sort this out every time you open the (My) Pictures folder. I wonder what Apple does.... ¿ :scream: \Ö/
  4. I have a different (Military) logic concerning this entire creation. One planet one language, one alphabet (the smallest), no expletives, no 'alternatives' no accented characters, right to left only, one currency, ONE keyboard. (AZERTY of course!) and so on. Bill Gates has the ONE Windows megalomaniac monopoly logic. Or one Window.
  5. I elected to keep the newer files and allow nLite to use the standard method for integrating the updates. I noticed that this problematic security update KB2686509 concerning keyboard security appeared to integrate without any problem. Why we need 90 keyboards on the one system is a mystery to me so I have asked Susan Bradley if she can fix it to use just the native 409 US OS keyboard and the local Belgian 813 keyboard as per the 12 preloads. MS should have made the keyboards part of the Windows Add Windows Components in add-Remove programs IMO along with NT Backup, Movie Maker and System Restore and many other components which people don't use. Thanks for your help -X- Ian
  6. I visited this site http://xdot.tk/updates.html which you posted to get all the latest updates for nLite and XP Pro SP3 and got v. 7.4.7600.226 I would guess that MS will release the latest version batch by batch and you will just have to wait until your number comes up. It is the same version on all the other computers here.
  7. Downloaded the files and ran nLite to make a fully updated installation DVD with SP3, etc. Checked 'report' to see if there were any problems and found that several KB updates were "Not supported" and that some files were older than the files already in the SP3 service pack. Will this be a problem when updating online? Ran nLite again without checking 'report' and got a bigger .ISO file.
  8. Many thanks -X-, I will try the batch file tonight. Nothing else has worked so far. Ian I will also download all the cabinet files to add to my latest nLite XP Pro SP3 .ISO Thank you very much, that is a GREAT help! (The batch file didn't work either so I will e-mail Susan and see if she can help.)
  9. Belarc Advisor shows that I just need - one more - update. (Making 128... ) Q2686509 - Important - details... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2686509 And yes, I do get the faulty keyboard file and yes, I have - copied - not moved - the appropriate files from another machine into my system32 folder. Still no go. My fault again as I deliberately removed all the keyboard files which I didn't need including the Bulgarian KBDBU.DLL which was acting suspiciously. 1. Would not be deleted and kept on re-appearing in the MUI cache. 2. Showed up as being the one file missing when doing a clean install with an nLite .ISO. What I would like to know oh greatly esteemed experts is this. As MS says that one can remove Keyboard Layouts should I remove all but the two which show up in the Keyboard Preloads (409 US of A, and 813 Belgian Point) and all the corresponding DOS references under these keys... HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Keyboard Layout\DOSKeybdCodes HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Keyboard Layout\DOSKeybdIDs HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Keyboard Layouts\ AND the corresponding keys, etc. in Control Set 1 and Control Set 3 Or will I have to put ALL of these dratted keyboard DLLs back in? :scream: \Ö/ Thanks again ;-)
  10. My pleasure. It's actually better than the MS offering.
  11. NATO

    Windows Defender

    I just happened to do a new install disconnected from the internet and checked the Event Logs. The same three entries were present so I am guessing a super Alexa. Evidently they are installed when Windows is installed. Hmmm.
  12. Just tried the link you give for the Recovery Console and it is in French, which is OK for me but might not suit everyone. So if you want an English version with multilingual keyboard support try this site: http://artellos.com/arcdc-page If you need a Recovery Console with US English only keyboard try this link: http://www.thecomputerparamedic.com/files/rc.iso
  13. This happens a lot from here. If I post a reply or a new post it looks like nothing is happening. If I edit a post the edit goes through immediately. Sorry for the double post.
  14. NATO

    Drive Order

    I have given up on this since the 'Distributed Link Tracking Service' changed the primary from C to D and the 1st logical from D to C. jaclaz pointed out that it would be difficult to change back and the MS articles did not help any so I just upped the letters on the other drives. To: [ D: Primary ]{ [ E: 1st Logical ] [ F: 2nd Logical ] [ G: 3rd Logical ] And made the DVD drive H: Just had to change the paths to the folders. Easiest way out, otherwise I would have to delete all the partitions and re-partition the drive. chkdsk still jumbles up the drive order. Too bad. Thanks anyway and have a nice day.
  15. NATO

    Drive Order

    Actually one should go through the respective drive manufacturer diagnostics, BEFORE that . And possibly re-test with a tool like Victoria or mhdd.... Then flip a coin, and whatever is the result , change that drive, and the new one will crash in two months time. Seriously, very few things in my experience are so aleatory as the "expected lifetime" of a disk. Once upon a time (many, many years ago) I saved some data from a Samsung HD (a 4.3 Gb one, so you understand how much time has passed). The drive suffered from a rather "heavy" head crash which made several HUNDREDS clusters not only unreadable any more but even not formattable (and in theory there should be magnetic debris all over the disk, likely to ruin quickly the whole surface). Once I got the data (luckily the actual "important" data was fully recovered) and having installed a new hard disk, I had this "relic" around. After a few tests with zeroing out, formatting, wiping, etc. with no result, I set it aside. Being (notoriously) cheap a few years later I decided to make an experiment (I needed a small hard disk for a headless "controller like" machine, of course not in mission critical use). I simply determined by experiment where the bad clusters were ( a biggish almost contiguous zone around 1/3 of the disk) and simply partitioned the disk in such a way that that zone was left untouched (one partition before and one after the bad zone). As per today, that machine (and the disk) is still working allright (and has it worked 24/7 for the last - cannot remember exactly - 8 or 9 years). What gives? jaclaz What gives? Like a lot of things quality control assigns degrees of perfection/imperfection to the drives. Good ones get a 1 and go to government and the military. Not so good get a 2 down to 6 and the cheaper you buy the cheaper you get. Government and Military buyers are wise to all this and expect the best. Yes, I do use the drive diagnostic and do a burn in test. With the first Maxtor drive I did all this and about three weeks later ... click, click, click, click, click ... stop. S.M.A.R.T. didn't report any errors either.

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