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how do I prevent one of two Windows 7 from booting on a computer

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I have two drives, a hard disk and a ssd, both have Windows 7 installed, and I only want the system to boot from the ssd, how do i disable os of the other one from booting?

I tried to set higher boot priority to the ssd in BIOS, but after a reboot, the hdd one takes priority again.

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So you have 2 physical disks, both with an active partition and Windows 7 installed, and your BIOS doesn't want to keep the SSD disk higher in the boot priority list over the SATA disk?

The BIOS is unfortunately in control of the first stage of the startup process - enumerating devices and locating the first active partition.

Are you definitely changing the boot order in the BIOS configuration saving the change, you're not just hitting ESC or an F-key during the POST and selecting the SSD disk from the boot menu (i.e. a one-time boot selection), are you?

You could try marking the partition on the SATA disk as inactive, in the hope that the BIOS will then find the first active partition on the next (SSD) disk down the list and continue booting:


(Make sure to read the notes on the ACTIVE and INACTIVE commands carefully.)

i.e. The following will give you the details on partition y on disk x (so you can verify you have the right partition selected before changing anything):






Before doing anything from the partition perspective, make sure you have a bootable Windows 7 install media to hand (DVD or USB stick) so you can undo your changes from the WinPE environment if the system becomes unbootable.

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