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MS Outlook 2007 Duplicate email


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I was using MS outlook 2007, before formating my pc i made a backup of all emails, But after installing fresh office, i create same mail account and restored (imported) all previous email from backup. After this isn't outlook have to download only latest missing files. But it's downloading my all email from the begining which is around 1.5gb.

So I just want to stop download that all old email, how can i do that.

any help suggestion from xpert please tell me what can i do.

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Does this help? Apparently there are a couple of "tricks" to it...

Edit - too late to do like above. You already wiped your registry. There are some "values" within the PST, etc. that directly correlate to the original and you "created" a new one...

...and this also implies COPY and NOT Import...

Where does your eMail come from? If from e.g. Gmail there's a way to "delete after download" from their server. I use that in conjunction with older Outlook Express...

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