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Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)


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New test version of UURollup-v11 is ready.

I've updated mup.sys to the newest available version:

mup.sys 5.0.2195.7035

and what's much more important I've replaced WildBill's comctl32.dll with the one from XP:

comctl32.dll 5.82.2900.6028

It removes the 32-bit icon support. On the other hand, there have been issues with icons for some time and the XP's comctl32.dll adds many new useful APIs. I personally prefer to have more functionality instead of eye candy ;) Of course the matter is still undecided as it's unknown whether there are any issues when using the XP file.

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I 've updated #1. This is the new release plan. I hope everyone will be fine with it:

Test versions are divided into two categories:

1) Daily - these are versions containing all latest changes. They are uploaded as soon as the changes have been added which means that they have been not very thoroughly tested and may be buggy. You should be very cautious when using them. The purpose of them is testing, not installing and using on your real system! "Daily" does not mean that they are always released every day. They may be released very often but may not if there is nothing to change at the moment.

2) Weekly - these versions are released once a week, usually on Saturday/Sunday. They contain all changes from previous daily versions which have been proved non-buggy and stable. They still require additional testing so you should take this into account when using them but are much safer to use than daily versions. As in case of the former, if there have been no changes done during the week then no new weekly version will be released on that weekend.

When a weekly version has been rigorously tested and no problems occurred during the process it becomes the next stable release. Stable versions are going to be released on every last weekend of each month which means that unless there are critical issues discovered there will be no more than one stable version released each month. As already stated before, if there have been no changes done then no new stable version will be released.

There are two new versions of UURollup-v11 ready:

1) Daily (UURollup-v11d*) - due to the use of XP's comctl32.dll all icons are now set to 16-bit colours in the registry.

2) Weekly (UURollup-v11w*) - all changes from Daily except the new comctl32.dll which means that the 32-bit icon support is still present in it.

They are sorted like this in the SkyDrive download repository:


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New daily (120801) version of UURollup-v11 is ready.

I've added these files from the newest BWC kernel:

comctl32.dll 5.81.4968.2501
shell32.dll 5.0.3900.7173
user32.dll 5.0.2195.7141

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Hi Tomasz,

I slipstreamed New daily (120801) version of UURollup-v11 together with USP5.1 and UR2.

I noticed that mspaint.exe (5.1.2600.5918, 17 december 2009), is overwritten by the one present in UR2 (5.0.2195.7368, 28 december 2009) wich has a newer date.

In VMWare I have the issue descripted by Blackwingcat:



Fixed an issue VMWareTool fall.

I added new Shell32: 5.0.3900.7174 and the issue with VMWareTool seems to be gone.


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Great! :thumbup Thanks for testing slipstreaming. The issue with mspaint.exe is a very good finding. This is a known problem of HFSLIP but it can be overcome by placing the file in HFEXPERT\win\system32. I'll try to update the Complete method on my website.

This is a new daily version of UURollup-v11 (d120804).


- remnants of the 32-bit icon support removed completely

- added

ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7103
shell32.dll 5.0.3900.7174
user32.dll 5.0.2195.7142

from the newest BWC kernel

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New weekly (w120805) version of UURollup-v11 is ready.

Everything from the latest daily is included in it except the new comctl32.dll which means that the 32-bit icon support is still there.

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A new daily (d120807) version of UURollup-v11 is ready:

- added updated MS VC++ 2010 libraries from KB2723430

- added the following files from the newest BWC kernel:

ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7104
user32.dll 5.0.2195.7144

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A new daily version of UURollup-v11 is ready:

- fixed checksum of mfc100u.dll (wrong checksum made slipstreaming impossible)

I've also uploaded some of the older stable versions of UURollup just in case someone wants to check them. By the way, I want to thank all people (you know who you are) very much for testing and reporting bugs :thumbup

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Hi, Tomasz... i´m back!

and ready to continue with Unofficial SP X.X for Microsoft Windows 2000 ITA version project!

On number #105 you've listed among other files:

xpsp3res.dll as contained in KB906569. Sorry, but...not found

reg.exe as contained in Win2K3 support.cab. Sorry, but...not found

xpsp4res.dll as contained in one of the updates you've downloaded. Sorry, but...not found

Could you be more specific on where i can find 'em ? Thanks (a link would be fine)

all the other files ...
























are O.K. and copied in FILES folder

Regards, (hackeronte)

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It's good to see you alive :) I'll try to check where to find the two files. I need to sort some other things out first so it may take some time though. As you've probably seen, UURollup-v11 is in the works so we'll probably have to think about how to synchronise your work with it too.

I've uploaded a new weekly version of UURollup-v11. It's exactly the same as the last daily which means that the 32-bit icon support has been finally removed. You can find it in my SkyDrive.

I'd also like to tell you about one change in the USP5.2 roadmap. There will be no Silverlight in USP5.2. From my experience Silverlight is used only on a tiny number of websites which seem to be somehow affiliated with M$ and mostly provide content protected with DRM. The problem is that the last version of Silverlight supporting DRM under Windows 2000 was Silverlight 3 and, while you can still find it in the Internet and install, the majority of the DRM protected content won't work anyway because it requires Silverlight 4 or newer. The conclusion is that Silverlight at the moment is not fully usable in Windows 2000 and it's market share is extremely low so I don't think that including it in USP5.2 is really necessary.

I hope everyone is fine with this decision. If not please share your opinion on this matter.

Edited by tomasz86
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Thanks Tomasz,

No problem about time neither about how to synchronise your [OUR] work

I'm perfectly agree with you about Silverlight .... i consider it completely useless in this context (w2k)!

i' ve downloaded Windows2000-UURollup-v11d120810-x86-ENU and i've extracted it just to familiarize with all the new stuff :yes: !

Great work, Tomasz :thumbup !

Keeping W2K alive is a valuable challenge !



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A big update today :angel

1) I've updated the http://www.windows2000.tk site. The layout should be clearer, fonts have been standardised and less important information is hidden by default so it should be better to navigate now. I've updated several programs and added a few new sites to the Useful links section. Check News for details.

2) Update Rollup 2 Server Extension has been updated to v2 and is now available in 24 languages (the JPN version for both x86 and nec98).


Thanks for you support! I'd recommend checking the weekly versions instead of the daily ones. They are much better tested and updated only once a week so it should be easier for you to follow changes (in one word, weekly = RC).

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I've just uploaded a new daily version of UURollup.

This is what has changed:

- updated files:

advapi32.dll 5.0.2195.7052
ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7105
oleaut32.dll 2.40.4532.2
rpcrt4.dll 5.0.2195.7287
shell32.dll 5.0.3900.7175
user32.dll 5.0.2195.7146

WB advapi32.dll has been replaced with BWC advapi32.dll.

SkyDrive's interface has changed and is much better than before. You can finally easily see the whole filename when browsing files (you need to switch to the list view). The fonts look bad with ClearType off but that's another story :sneaky:

Edit: I think it wasn't required before but it seems that now you need to have a Microsoft account to be able to download files from SkyDrive :angry: I need some time to think about how to solve this problem but at the moment I'm very sorry but you do need to create an account there to download test versions of UURollup.

Edited by tomasz86
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For more information about the SkyDrive problem please read last posts in the RyanVM topic. In short, SkyDrive doesn't allow downloading large files without having a Microsoft account. I can't really do anything about it and there doesn't seem to exist any good alternative to SkyDrive at the moment. I hope you won't mind having to create an account there :}

This affects only downloading of test versions because stable versions can be still downloaded normally (and you can choose one of three sources).

At the moment I've updated the folders:

- daily versions will be available only in 7z format (no SFXCAB archive included to save space)

- weekly versions will be available only in SFXCAB format (in order to test slipstreaming)

- stable versions will be available only in SFXCAB format

- older versions will be available only in 7z format (to save space)

I've found out that when you pack an SFXCAB archive to 7z you won't gain anything but if you unpack the archive and then pack the folders directly into 7z the difference is huge, ex. in case of UURollup (ENU) it's:

- SFXCAB = 48 MB

- 7z = 34 MB

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Hi there,

I'm new to those Windows 2000 unofficial updates and need a bit of help.

I'm running Windows 2000 Professionnal with most (if not all) official updates, except maybe some packages which didn't involve security issues.

I made a full backup of my partitions so can afford a serious crash.

My question is the following: I installed UURollup successfully without having installed Unofficial SP 5.1 before.

I then realized that I should have installed the USP5.1 before installing UURollup.

Does a successfull UURollup installation means that I did not have to install USP5.1 before ?

Or could have I have missed a minor update which doesn't prevent the machine to work fine, but may cause some errors or crashes in the future ?

Having installed most (if not all) Windows 2000 official updates, should I consider that my machine contains the equivalent of the USP5.1 ?

Or should I roll back to my backup, install USP5.1 over Windows 2000 and then run UURollup ?

How compatible is all that with my french Windows 2000 ?



PS: I'm a former software developper by degree and can tweak if required, althgough I haven't written a C/C++ line for a decade.

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