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Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)


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@tomasz86 Now I'm wondering if your program isn't working properly.
I tried to compare RVMI and nLite, it works without any problem.
.NET addon
It's not broken, it's working.


Why is your program
damage the icon


RVMI and nLite


I currently own One Piece Update Packs and add on 
and x64 as well (5eraph) I does their  replacement. 
If there is a problem it should also be a problem on XP/2003.

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Thanks for testing! Yeah, if the addon works when using other slipstreaming methods, it's likely that the culprit is in HFSLIP. For the record, I haven't changed anything when it comes to the addon slipstreaming logic. It must be something in the original HFSLIP code that is unable to slipstream the addon properly. We'd probably need to compare the resulting folders of slipstreaming the addon using different methods and see what exactly differs between them.

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