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Add "Repair your Computer" in Advanced boot options


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I want to add "Repair your Computer" to the Advanced boot optitions for Windows 7 when i press f8 during windows boot. In my Windows installation i miss

this option, at work it works. I know how to add it to the Windows 7 Bootmanager, but i want it to the advanced boot option. :rolleyes:

Could anybody help me out?


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thanks Tripredacus

It works now. smiley_emoticons_hurra2.gif

I had a faulty entry in my BCD file. When i tried to set the winre image i got always a error message.

The following method works for me

Reagentc.exe /disable

delete contents of c:\recovery

copy winre.wim from boot media to c:\recovery

Reagentc.exe /setosimage /path c:\recovery /target C:\Windows

Reagentc.exe /enable

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