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Upgrade Current Rig


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Hello there Guys, just wanted to share with you my Blue Print to upgrade my current Rig with some new toys. Please look over my ideas and share your thoughts and comments or recommendations on hardware, thank you all in advance.

PC Case - From: CM Cosmos To: Corsair Graphite Series 600T (Whire Color)

Motherboard - From: Asus Maximus Formula SE To: Asus Rampage IV Formula

Processor - From: Intel Core 2 Quad (QX9770) to Intel Core i7 (3820) or Intel Core i7 3930K (Not Sure Yet, Any Thoughts?)

Processor Cooler - From: Thermalright To: Intel Liquid Cooler

System Ram: From: G-Skills 8GB To: G-Skills 16GB (F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL)

SSD - Intel SSD 520 Series (120GB)

Thoughts, Recommendations, Opinions, all are welcome, thanks all!

NOTE: This PC will be used for Photoshop, Lots of Video Editing, Games here and there and the usualy computer work. Also lost of Video Converting!


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Hi Josh,

System Ram: From: G-Skills 8GB To: G-Skills 16GB (F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL)

I would change the RAM to C8 (8-8-8-24) 1600 as it will be a difference for the same price. Now, I have C8 1600 but they are 2GB sticks and have only 4 banks, so I'll swap them for 2133 9-11-10-28 sticks, also from Gskill. The reason is that more bandwidth is always welcome and the loss on timings isn't that big as the 1600 vs 2133 speed makes it up for that (33% extra). Prices are close to what you picked.

The SSD you picked has the best firmware for the Sandforce chip so you are going the best way there.

The CPU, well, they are expensive, but I would go for the K version ant tweak it some 10% without problems. The mobo, well, just 4 RAM sloths :blink: is just a joke on a system like that, look at the ones with 8 sloths.

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