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Can I have an interactive remote desktop session on a domain

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Hello fellow msfn-ers!

As the subject reads, I want to use RDC to connect to our end uers but instead of locking their machines out I want to them to see what I am doing, this way they 'learn' something instead of someone always doing the same procedure over-and-over-and-over again!

I dont know if I am posting this in the correct section or if this should go under server 2003 which is what our domain is running, but maybe someone can help me here.



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The tool you are looking for is msra.exe (Microsoft Remote Assistance) - it is designed for exactly what you describe.

Users can request assistance, or remote assisters can offer it.

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So what you want is the "shadowing" option of remote desktop that is only available for server products. So if you're connecting in remote desktop on a desktop os , it isn't available. To use it, you need to use terminal server manager, then connect to the remote server then right click the wanted session and do "remote control".

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