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Win2000 Server or Professional or... both?


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A few updates in bristols' page are marked as server and, since I am slipstreaming a win2k professional edition, I skip them.

Anyway, after booting my shiny new win2k I've found these files:

  • winspool.drv is already on my system. It is not the latest, though. So I add the fix for KB906952 which provides a more recent version
  • tapisrv.dll same issue, so I added the fix for KB925783
  • llssrv.exe is an old version but the update for KB974783 provides also LLSCUSTOM.DLL which is not on my system. So I extract llssrv.exe and put it into replace\i386 subdir, so avoid putting the whole hotfx into HF\. Note that the KB article states the update is for any win2k edition, nevertheless the security bulletin only reports the server edition is affected. :blink:

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You're right, the distinction is not that strict :) You can use these updates for pro too. And I think this LLSCUSTOM.DLL is not needed at all.

There are some real Server only updates on the bristols' list though, especially among HBRs.

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