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Going from 32bit to 64bit install


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After installing the last two graphics driver versions I get a very long boot time, almost 5 min. haven't timed it.

I boot normally to the windows screen the the monitor goes dark for approx 5 min, then it continues to boot normally. I have tried to roll back the drivers without any success. Any ideas? I can't tell what is occurring due to the blank screen.


Edit: I rebooted my machine and when it rebooted I noticed that the video card shuts down during the boot process. then after appox. 2 min the video returns and things proceed normally.

This seems to be the issue he was having.

Cheers and Regards

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When I tried to run the command in the tutorial to convert the efl file to a xml get an error message. I can't remember exactly what it is right now.

Mark Minnich

MCITP Server Administrator

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