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Need help to upgrade to 2008

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Different strokes for different folks I guess. We're probably addressing different needs with vSphere (me) and Hyper-V (you). We use it as a thin "shim" (ESXi that is) to have an OS that will run/restore on any hardware (we've had to do it too), and some server consolidation too, whereas you're most likely using it for server consolidation. Hyper-V as a "host" is heavier and takes longer to install, and around here all consultants only support/recommend vSphere (we even rented a temp server that was running it), and we already had significant experience & investment in VMWare's solutions, so it was really a no-brainer for us (I'm not suggesting that's the one and only universal solution for everybody though)
Yeah, possibly - it sounds like upgrades for 3 different forests (potentially different companies, I would surmise), and I tend to use Hyper-V in that scenario for migration (put the DCs on the Hyper-V box temporarily until the physical hardware can be replaced/upgraded/whatever). It can be permanent too, although yes, that is more server consolidation.

Thanks all for the info. Will try and update status.

Good luck to you - please do let us know how it goes.

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While the idea of installing 2008 on Windows 2000 era hardware doesn't seem to be the greatest idea to me, wouldn't it be possible to create a VM, install Server 2003 to it, and transfer the roles to it from the 2000 Server? Then install 2008 and tranfer the data from the 2003 to it?

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That's what I had mentioned earlier, although that would require VM-capable hardware (host-based virtualization wouldn't necessarily be a good idea here for a migration perf-wise), which has already been discounted due to not being able to acquire new hardware.

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Just want to update the status.

I started the process from the simple one (Case 3 from post #12).

I cloned the 2k3 DC to a VM and created another 2k8r2 VM and did the following:

a) I joined the 2k8 to the domain,

B) used "DCPromo" to upgrade the 2k8 server to be a DC.

From this step, I stucked. What is next step??

How can I take out the old DC??

How to transfer the AD information to the new DC??

How to move the data and login scripts to the new server?? (I used the DC as file server and DNS too).

Thanks. :blushing: :blushing:

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So currently the 2008 is a backup DC?

I know there is an actual guide on TechNet/KB about doing a domain transfer, but I can't find the link. There are some general outlines that users have posted here in the past:

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I'm now trying to work on the Win2000 Network. What I did was:

1) Clone The Master DC and the file server into VM.

2) Configure the VMs to run in the VMWare.

I want to know if I can run the Win2003 CD to upgrade the DC directly or I should create another 2003 server to move the AD from 2000 to 2003??

Any suggestions???


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