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My attempt at a Firefox 8 build for 98 w/ KernelEx

Steven W

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Updated: January 07, 2012 5:30 A.M EST

This is my latest attempt to make a build of Aurora(Firefox) that, in conjunction with KernelEx, overcomes the non-functional bookmarks and history issues. I've updated to the 8.0.1 source code. Need someone to test it as I don't have immediate access to a PC running 98/98SE/ME with KernelEx. As usual, I won't be responsible for anything bad happening.

Please do a clean install remove all old Firefox/Aurora installations (including settings/preferences)

I just made this build and am now focusing in one modifying sqlite:

Here's a link to the exe:


To recreate the source:

1. Download the full 8.0.1 source from Mozilla

2. Download this and extract the files to the source directory 'mozilla-release\db\sqlite3\src' replacing files as necessary.

3. Replace sqlite3.c in the same directory as above with this one

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Oh well, I had my doubts. I guess we can still use the tricks we discovered in felicitas build of FF7, (PlainOldFavorites), getting WebGL going, etc. So it's not completely useless.

I have a few other ideas that I'm going to try to implement, but that obviously takes time.

Thanks for testing and letting me know loblo!

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Guys, I know Xeno86 is working on getting Bookmarks and History, etc to work with the native builds. I see he hasn't gotten there quite yet. I just finished a build, that's similar to the last, but I updated to Sqlite 3.79, and modified it's makefile in FF to include the OMIT_WAL compilation option.

I had to mod sqlite.c to address this issue:


If you download the my source mods, the contents of folder labeled sqlite goes in the mozilla-release\db\sqlite3\src directory of the Firefox 8 source code.

the download links are at the top, in the first post. I left the old post there. If someone would test and see if Bookmarks and/or History function, I'd appreciate it.

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I have done what you ask and it doesn't crash or lock-up but there is no working bookmarks or history either. Not sure I understand what you're doing here exactly but keep it up, you'll get them working eventually (touch wood).


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On default compatibility mode of KEX it did crash, on XP mode it seemingly crashed but sprung back to life after few seconds. Every link you click will cause the program to halt for some seconds but it seems to run

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Hi all, another attempt just made. Still only modifying Sqlite. As always, I'd appreciate someone testing it! The first message in this post has been updated w/ links and info.

I do have a couple of questions

1. It is possible on Win9x for several processes to share the same file isn't it?

2. Does anyone know of an easy to use program to monitor API calls in real-time?

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