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Ad-Aware Free 9.6 Warning

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I know that I'm probably late to the party so to speak when it comes to the news that there is a new Ad-Aware Free version 9.6.

A new version of Ad-Aware is nice. What isn't so nice is that the Ad-Aware9.6 automatically adds the toolbar and changes your homepage to My link even after you specifically uncheck the boxes saying that you don't want either.


Did I mention that this wonder Ad-Aware toolbar also has a feature called "Toolbar Cleaner". You click on it and it shows all the other toolbars that you've installed of your own free will but fails to show the one that you really want to get rid of which is the one that you didn't install...theirs! What a freaking joke!

I am planning to use Revo to uninstall the toolbar etc. but would like to know if anyone knows where I can download the Ad-Aware 9.6 version that doesn't have that dam toolbar. :realmad:

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I just purchased Lavasoft Ad-Aware and it installed its toolbar to my Firefox. I did it from my master admin account. Then I decided to create a non-admin user account for security reasons.

I discovered that the Lavasoft toolbar was NOT installed in Firefox in that new user account.

I took the steps necessary to install the Firefox Ad-Aware Toolbar but in error I said YES to the Google tool bar which I did not want.

The only way I could remove it was to go to programs add/remove and remove the Lavasoft Ad-Aware tool bar and also an Adaware tool bar for Microsoft Explorer.

When I rebooted and loaded Firefox, the Adaware toolbar was gone as well as the Google tool bar.

So, with regard to your problem, you should be able to REMOVE the Adaware tool bar in that same fashion after Lavasoft Adaware has been installed.

Since I wanted the Adaware toolbar WITHOUT the Google tool bar, I repeated the Lavasoft add-on install but said NO to the two Google search engine questions.

I am using Microsoft Essentials Antivirus on a Toshiba Qosmio Widows 7 machine. I purchased the Lavasoft hoping that it would reduce tracking cookies and spyware.

I do use the NOSCRIPT add-on for Firefox which only allows the scripts and sites I want to run. I use Facebook in Firefox and do other things in Chrome because I dont want Facebook to look at my Chrome cookies. When I want privacy

from Facebook then I log out of Facebook and use NOSCRIPT to forbid Facebook. I wish that privacy were not such a confusing issue.

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