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  1. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Understood. Anyway, I decided on a course of action(changing jumpers and removing the 2nd card) and implemented it. However, I don't want anyone to think I was being ungrateful because I'm not. As I've said before all help is greatly appreciated and with that being said I would like to thank everyone for their generosity, patience and indulgence of my naivete`. This is a great forum and I would recommend it to anyone who needs computer help.
  2. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Yes, there was a point, I've gotten the fact that "I made a mistake. However, it seems that you don't understand that I've rectified that mistake to an outcome that is best for me. I'm keeping the card who knows what will happen in the future. 'Rocket Science, Brain Surgery, and...Creativity? BY Expert Blogger Josh Linkner | 07-05-2010 | 9:00 AM' ...and not brain surgery either : http://www.borowitzreport.com/2007/09/30/rocket-scientists-not-as-smart-2/ What about creativity? http://www.fastcompany.com/1666930/rocket-science-brain-surgery-andcreativity jaclaz jclaz: I don't know if you meant to be helpful or sarcastic but thanks for above links...I've found some great quotes. I understand that there will always be disagreements and differences of opinion as to whose right or wrong but please have the decency to respect the decision that I have made. Thank you. Thanks to all to responded to my thread.
  3. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    That's where you're wrong guessing when we tell you 10 times, the terms are different because the concepts are. Read this again Ponch: As you can tell I am not Einstein. Seriously, if I was a genius at computer stuff do you really think I would waste yours or anybody else's time as well as my own by posting the question I did? Okay....no need to beat me over the head. However, the problem as I stated previously is that the 2nd card isn't/wasn't working although I followed all directions and installed all necessary drivers. It was if the card wasn't connected at all and by extension neither was the HD. I have disconnected the Controller card #2 and have connected both the DVD-RW and the ATA HD master/slave to Controller #1 and as I mentioned in a previous post everything is working and viewable in "My Computer". Thanks for all your help.
  4. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Submix8c: I understand the master/slave dynamic just forgot about the jumpers. I'm guessing that Primary/Secondary refer to the same thing just using different terms. As I said in my last post I've already decided to remove controller card#2. Thanks for your help.
  5. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Hi Ponch: You quoted submix8c: Yes, I know that. Ponch If you talking about the master/slave issue please read my response again. I've said that I forgot about having to change the jumpers as I say in a earlier post(see below). Actually, that is precisely the problem I had with Controller Card#1. Let me clarify just in case you're still confused as I know that I sometimes have that effect on people. 1. Controller card#1 has only one(1) IDE connection and was originally ONLY connected to the DVD-RW. 2. While still connected to the DVD-RW I then connected Controller card#1 to my HD but I had forgotten about having to change the jumpers so of course since both the DVD-RW and the HD were slaves both of them wouldn't show up. It was just as bphlpt mentioned you can't have two master/slaves on the same IDE cable. 3. I changed the DVD-RW jumper to master while leaving the HD jumper as a slave and both are visible and working fine. I'm not finding the explaination that you say is there. My issue as I mentioned before is that Controller Card#2 is recognized by the system but when I connected the harddrive to it, it wasn't showing it in "My Computer". After I corrected the jumper issue on controller card #1 I was able to see both the DVD-RW and the HD. Motherboard Differences... I think I've mentioned that the new motherboard DOESN'T have ATA connections and that's why I was using the controller card to begin with because both my HD and the DVD-RW are both ATA. I used both cards in the old motherboard because I didn't have enough PCI slots. Two HD's were connected to one controller #1 and the two DVD-RW's were connected to controller card#2 both had the master/slave setup. Since the controller card #2 isn't showing up I have just decided to remove it. I will just have to try the card at a later date. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Hi puntoMX: Yes, it's raid card. If by brand you mean whether it's Silicon Image or VIA, it's the former(Silicon Image) and the chipset is Silicon Image. Yes, it has a jumper but I never used that on my old motherboard and I had both controller cards plugged in. One controller card was for 2 HD's and the other controller card was for my two DVD-RWs. I'm not sure about the manufacturer, I only know what's on the box which is however since I took it out of the box I can give you there's a barcode stick with the serial or maybe it's the model #SD-SIL680-RAID, and underneath that in smaller print is T9(or S) 04080020306 on one chip it say's "Silicon Image" and the following numbers Sil0680ACL1444E00290412. There's another chip but it has a red dot on it so I can't see what's on it. I tried to get the sticker off but it's a no-go. SATA and PATA (read IDE/ATA) have different channels and also communicate different, so it should not be a problem.You're right no problems! Thanks. Sorry about the mixup, my motherboard is a MSI P67A-C43(B). There aren't any problems my motherboard's SATA connectors I only mentioned that Controller Card #2 has two SATA connections as well as the two IDE connections.
  7. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Thanks to bphlpt mentioning the master/slave dynamic I have fixed the problem concerning the HD and the DVD-RW. I changed the DVD-RW jumber setting to master and kept the ATA HD jumper setting as slave and now they are both visible.
  8. Controller Card Not Working Properly!

    Thank you all for responding to my post. Just in case I didn't clarify the situation in my original post the 500GB drive that won't show up using the controller card is an ATA drive. My master drive(500GB)and the other storage drive(1TB) are both SATA drives. Device ID and Vendor ID are reported by the device's firmware/ROM and can be read in the device properties in Device Manager. http://www.pcidatabase.com/search.php?device_search_str=3249&device_search=Search Have you checked the jumpers on you drives ? Depending on the manufacturer you can have more available settings; master /slave / single/ "cable select". If 80 wire cable used (I suppose you do), always put master device at end of cable ( =2nd connector, usually black) ort set devices to "cable select" and system will see end of cable as master. Badly jumpered drives will sometime cause boot problem or not appear at all. Ponch: I went into device manager and when the drive isn't showing up at all. I've connected and disconnected the controller card numerous times with no change whatsoever. After reconnecting the controller card the PNP thingy on the computer tells me that I have a new device connected but the as I said earlier the drive isn't there. It seems that while the computer can see the controller card the computer isn't seeing the harddrive once I've connected it which was the whole point in the first place. You asked if I check the jumpers on my harddrive. I've haven't. The reason being, that when I had the 500GB HD(the one that won't show up) connected to my old motherboard it was a slave then too as the now defunct/dead 160GB Seagate was the master. The DVD-RW is showing up as a slave which I don't understand since the the second IDE connector is supposed to be the slave and the connection with the blue connection is supposed to the master or so I thought? The ATA drive does show up...after I restart the computer (doesn't show up initially when turning on computer) unfortunately, then the DVD-RW disappears. I understand the Master/Slave dynamic but not the cable select. Does the cable select allow the drive to choose by itself??? =============================================================================================== bphlpt: You said I can't have two drives hooked to same cable if both drives are set as master/slave. I know that the DVD-RW that I have hooked to the controller now was a slave to my other DVD-RW. So I take it doesn't matter that one is a harddrive and one is a DVD-Rw then? If that's the case that means that I have to change the jumpers on one of them from slave to master. Okay I got it. Question: If I change the ATA HD from slave to master will that interfere with my SATA master drive or will it ONLY effect the DVD-RW and harddrive connected to the controller card??? =============================================================================================== Submix8c: You said Yes, I know that. Controller card clarification… 1. Controller Card #1 - has ONLY one IDE connection. 2. Controller Card #2(combo) – Has two IDE connections(blue/master and white/slave) and it also has two SATA connections. Controller card #1 with ONLY one IDE connection is the one that is working. I have the DVD-RW connected to that. Then, I connected the HD and restarted the computer it would get the screen where it tells what the controller card is connected to and then it would just sit there…never going any further. I then had to restart the machine and then when it loaded I only had a connection to the HD as the DVD-RW was M.I.A. Thanks to bphlpt I remembered that at one time both the ATA HD and the DVD-RW were both slaves to the others HDs and DVD-RWs and I just plain forgot about changing the jumpers once I got the SATA HDs. Controller Card #2 (2 IDE/2 SATA connections)is the one that keeping telling me when I disconnect and then reconnect it, that's there's a new piece of hardware has been found but when I connect the harddrive to it, it's NOT showing up. WTH?! Let me clarify again what the situation is; Controller card #1(1 IDE connection) is connected to DVD-RW and is visible. Controller card #2 (2 IDE connections) was ONLY connected to ATA Seagate 500GB harddrive which is NOT showing up at all. Yes, I now understand that in order for both the DVD-RW and the ATA HD to be visible(ie work) up I have to change one of them to a master while leaving the other a slave. Unfortunately, that doesn't explain what the hell is going on with controller card #2 and why it isn't working. As I mentioned before I installed all the necessary drivers as directed but the dang thing still won’t “see” the ATA HD!!! Thanks for all your help I will write back and let you all know how things turn out with jumper solution. Laters,
  9. Hi: My specs are as follows: OS – XP Professional SP3 Motherboard - MSI P67 B43 Processor - Intel Core Duo i3 RAM – 4GB The Problem: I have a Seagate 500GB harddrive that's connected to a Syba PCI Ultra ATA/Serial ATA Combo Controller Card. Actually I have two controller cards but the above mentioned isn't working properly. The second controller card is by a company called For Best Ports Connection and my DVD-RW is connected to that one and it works fine and yes, I followed the prompts and installed the drivers already. The controller card that the harddrive(that isn't showing up) is recognized by the computer. The computer tells me that there is a new ATA/SATA connection from Silcon Image and even gave me the number 3249 (haven't a clue what that number means unless it's supposed to represent the driver information. Then the computer said the computer has finished installing the necessary software and you must restart the computer before it will work properly. I restarted the computer and still no third harddrive is viewed. I know you're probably thinking why haven't I disconnected the DVD-RW from the Controller card that I said is working and connected the harddrive that one. Well, the problem with that one is that a piece broke off from the controller card, you know the slot where you slide the old IDE cable thingy. I have tried to disconnect the cable but it doesn't want to come out and I'm afraid that if I pull too hard that the IDE cable will also end up broken beyond repair. An Experiment I just tried... Well, I tried a little something. The IDE cable I have is one that allow you to connect a “Master” and “Slave”. I can see the third hard-drive but now the DVD-RW is missing!!! WTH!? I ended just disconnecting the third hard-drive as the DVD-RW is more important since I can’t make a slipstream disc without much less install the OS or anything else without the use of my DVD-RW drive. I don’t understand why this is happening before upgrading to the new MSI SATA board that I now have both controller cards worked fine but now only one seems to function correctly. Why is this happening?
  10. "My Videos" Folder Missing from "My Documents"

    still yields little. Please explain your terminology. Submix8c: I did manually slipstream Service Pack 3 as well as all the rest of the add-ins using Nlite. I don't use tweaks or remove components. The Microsoft shortcut bar ie toolbar in XP is the bar that can sit at the top of your desktop or on the side that allows you to click on the shortcuts to access the software you use the most (see below) http://www.dak.com/reviews/tutorial_shortcut.cfm Thanks,
  11. "My Videos" Folder Missing from "My Documents"

    submix8c: Yes, I mean 5.51... My original disc is Windows XP SP2. I slipstreamed SP3 and went from there. I haven't a clue what HFSLIP was until I just googled it and no I didn't use that method. I use nlite and as mentioned before I used Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack v5.5.1-20120221. I mainly use my own CABs. The few exceptions to that rule are the following: 1. 5er_KB2388997_Addon_v2011-11_1_x86 2. adobe_flash_activex_11.1.102.55_addon 3. adobe_flash_plugin_11.1.102.55_addon This time around the ONLY thing I did different was add updated versions of the above mentioned Adobe ActiveX and Plugin as well as a few others that I didn’t add in previous slipstream disc. 1. 5er_KB2388997_Addon_v2011-11_1_x86 2. Flash_AiO_full_AddOn 3. Addon_Java_Runtime_6_update_31 4. adobe_flash_activex_11.1.102.62_addon 5. adobe_flash_plugin_11.1.102.62_addon I also came across someone saying something how they weren't able to use certain software because of the slipstreamed .NET Framework 4.0 included in the pack. Once they uninstalled the slipstreamed version it and then then added OnePiece_Microsoft.NET_Framework_v4.0.30319.276_True_AddOn_ENU_B201C85546AAA8A735A006A914508930 everything was fine. I don't know what the heck the problem is. And now not only is "My Videos" folder missing but now my Microsoft shortcut bar won't start automatically anymore. I now have to manually start it each time I turn on the computer which is a freaking pain. I wanted it to start manually I would have set it up that way from the beginning. Thanks,
  12. "My Videos" Folder Missing from "My Documents"

    Just for record, for my HFSlip XP with WMP11, "My Videos" folder is created only after I launch WMP for the 1st time. Geej: I did open Media player and there still wasn't a "My Videos" folder. Thanks for trying to help though.
  13. "My Videos" Folder Missing from "My Documents"

    submix8c: I slipstreamed One Piece's 5.1 Post SP3 Pack my media player is version 11. Thanks,
  14. "My Videos" Folder Missing from "My Documents"

    Hey submix8c: I saw that suggestion to use Media Player too...it didn't work for me. Thanks anyway.
  15. Hi: I installed the slipstreamed XP/One Piece Post SP3 v5.51. yesterday. While I was putting some wallpaper pictures into the "My Pictures" folder I noticed that the "My Video(s)" folder was missing. No, I didn't delete it accidentally or otherwise it's just M.I.A. I looked the problem up on the internet and found quite a few things that were supposed to help but didn't. 1. Method 1 - Downloaded Microsoft Fixit thingy and installed it and it didn’t do a dang thing or at least not what I downloaded it for which was to install a new “My Video” folder. 2. Method 2 – Downloaded Tweak UI and installed it and went to the “Folder” that supposed to allow you to repair/install the missing folder but there was no “My Video” folder listed. 3. Method 3 - Was a registry fix where you manually fix the missing folders yourself using the following heading HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders. I followed the directions to the letter. I figured out how to add a new registry entry but wasn’t sure where to add it since there were two sections where the entry could have gone. Under the heading \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders there were two folders. One was called “User Shell Folders” and the other was called “Shell Folders”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,