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Cannot get PXE boot to work with WDS

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I have installed MDT on a new 2003 R2 server build and imported a windows 7 image and created a task sequence.

I want to use WDS so I can PXE boot clients and then deploy the OS through MDT.

I have installed WDS on the server, setup with default settings and imported the x86 & x64 boot images from MDT.

DHCP is installed on a different server on the same vlan and subnet. DHCP options have been set as:

66 FQDN of server (servername.domainname.com)

67 Boot\x86\wdsnbp.com

When I PXE a test laptop I get:

client Ip: Mask: XXX.XXX.XXX.0. DHCP Ip: XX.XX.XX.XX Gateway IP: XX.XX.XX.X

Downloaded WDSNBP

Architecture: X64

WDSNBP started using DHCP Referral

Contacting Server: (Gateway:

No Response from Windows Deployment Services server

Launching pxeboot.com.....

WDSServer.LOG shows:

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE][uDP][Ep:] Recv From: Len:283

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] -> CBannedGuids::IsBanned

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] <- CBannedGuids::IsBanned=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] Request from Len:283

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> ValidatePacket

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- ValidatePacket=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> PostRecvPacket

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> ProcessMessage

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> ProcessBinlRequest

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] 00000768 09/13 10:52:32 [MISC] Client Guid: {034cea6d-b441-11e0-b426-a6048f0600ef}

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] 00000768 09/13 10:52:32 [MISC] MAC: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-643150a248fa}

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBinlDsLookup::GetDeviceParameter

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBinlDsLookup::GetDeviceParameter

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBinlDsLookup::GetForestDeviceManager

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBinlDsLookup::GetForestDeviceManager=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBinlDsLookup::ReturnDeviceManager

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBinlDsLookup::ReturnDeviceManager=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBinlDsLookup::ReturnForestDeviceManager

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBinlDsLookup::ReturnForestDeviceManager=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBinlDsLookup::GetDeviceParameter=41054e30

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBinlDsLookup::GetDeviceParameter=41054e30

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] 00000768 09/13 10:52:32 [MISC] generating a new entry because AllowOSChooser is TRUE...

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] 00000768 09/13 10:52:32 [OPTIONS] Server allows new clients

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] 00000768 09/13 10:52:32 [OPTIONS] Recognizing client.

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBootImages::AppendImageOptions

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBootImages::DoesBootBcdFileExists

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CBootImages::DoesFileExists

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBootImages::DoesFileExists=2

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] Boot Image Information

MAC: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-643150A248FA}

UUID: {034CEA6D-B441-11E0-B426-A6048F0600EF}

BCD File Path: \Tmp\x86.{871AE2B7-FC40-42C4-A744-F031CCDE3D25}.bcd

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CBootImages::AppendImageOptions=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] -> CAutoApprove::ProcessRequest

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- CAutoApprove::ProcessRequest=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] Client Information:

MAC: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-643150A248FA}

UUID: {034CEA6D-B441-11E0-B426-A6048F0600EF}

Prestaged Account: No



Prestaged to specific Boot Program: No

Boot Program: boot\x86\pxeboot.com

Boot Program being sent to client: boot\x86\pxeboot.com

Prestaged to specifiec Server: No

Server Address:

Server Address being sent to client:

Prestaged to specific Boot Image: No

Boot Image:

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- ProcessBinlRequest=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] Reply Sent - Request: Dst: Len:1024

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- ProcessMessage=0

[1896] 10:52:32: [WDSPXE] [bINLSVC] <- PostRecvPacket=0

I have followed all the instructions I can find about WDS and PXE boot but still cant get it to work. I have reinstalled WDS. rebooted the server numerous times, made sure the WDS service is started but still no luck.

Where am I going wrong?

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Well since you can change your DHCP options, check out my guide, Step 4 is the full set of things you need to set on the DHCP server to point it to the WDS.

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I can kinda change the DCHP options - or my network admin can if I ask him nicely - except he says we cant add the ip address of the WDS server to DNS and router entries as it'll screw our network up.

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NOTE that when using PXE, you do not have to actually set the options for 66 and 67 if the client and WDS server are on the same LAN segment and subnet, as it is a broadcast request, unless you're trying to force clients to one PXE point. Also, looking at the WDS logs, it doesn't appear your WDS server knew which boot image to send to the client - did you install WDS in "legacy mode" (with RIS compat) or in native mode? Also, is DHCP on the same machine as WDS, or another box?

Also, generally, when I see a failure here, there's some sort of networking device killing the PXE request, just fyi. Everything here appears to be on the up-and-up if you have a valid boot image on the WDS server that matches the client's detected architecture (x86 or x64). You haven't even gotten to the WDS server responding to the UDP request, it's all still in the BINLSVC IPHelper layer - at that point in the log, the BINLSVC helper has sent a message back to the client, but according to your client, it never got that response. There's a networking issue here, so network traces using mirrored switch ports or hubs are probably your next step. Either the boot file isn't found (which is possible, but not likely), or something is eating the POST response from the server. In either case, you need a network trace to confirm (simultaneously gathered at both ends, of course).

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