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SetupComplete dont complete it tasks


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Hey there.

Im facing a weird problem.

I made an unattended Win 7 Ultimate 64x setup using both RT7Lite and Reverse Integration. Everything's perfect, except by the fact if I try to use SetupComplete to install some applications, it starts the installations but after some minutes it skip right to the last one - which is reboot.

What can be wrong? The same thing happens even if I tell it to run a sleep AutoIt script

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It happens when im installing the 2nd app. The first is Adobe Reader and the second is Adobe Master Collection, which shall take almost 30 min. to be completely installed. It seems to use a xml installer - its controls have no click coords or something and it cant be installed silently.

I took a look at the Panther and Setup folder logs and they dont point any error.

Im installing it again but this time I'll skip Adobe softs to see it thats the cause.

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i would run a blocking function like a msgbox autoit script and then a line to restart in the script, rather than in setupcomplete. should prevent it from running off without you being able to see what is occuring. My guess is you are running adobe***.exe from setupcomplete but that process is spawning another installer and ending - when seupcomplete sees that first process end it moves on.

something like the below should allow you to wait for a complete installation (edit.: and watch the process)

run ("taskmgr.exe")
msgbox(0, '' , Click Ok when complete")
run ("shutdown -r -t 0" )

...once you have it installing completely i would see if there is a logfile or something it writes last, or get the last process and use that to queue up that shutdown


while 1
if processexists("lastprocess.exe") Then
if not processexists("lastprocess.exe") Then run ("shutdown -r -t 0" )
sleep (50) ;edit 2 - no need to loop as hard as possible

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The script starts like below-

If Not WinActive("[CLASS:_macr_PDAPP_Native_frame_window_CS4]") Then WinActivate("[CLASS:_macr_PDAPP_Native_frame_window_CS4]")
MouseClick("left", 730, 530, 1, 25)

its pretty basic as you can see and im having to use MouseClick because, like I said, theres no way to use ControlClick.

I never build a script using the method imtheky said, so can you a sample using the code above? Pls?


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what are you mouseclicking? and if you are only sleeping 35 seconds, if you were trying to sleep 35 min = sleep(2100000)

my aim would be to wait for all the other exes in the cs5 suite to finish. which process is last?

if its not going to be completely automated just hang a msgbox after your commands and click it when you are done.

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Im mouseclicking the next button and after that the installer will unpack itself, which takes about 35 seconds

Its hard to find which is the last process since seems there's only one executable file in the package

The idea its to make a completely automated script, just like the others

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Adobe Master Collection contains several Adobe softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and so on). What Set-up.exe do is to install them all in the right order, like Windows Live do.

Yesterday I installed it using the Reverse Integration method, much easier and painless :)

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