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As the topic indicates: Has anyone played with them and can share opinions? I know Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sony have them. Any more? I know they all have their own proprietary DRM formats, but is that all they do? Do they do other stuff (PDF, HTML, plain text) well? I'm especially asking that, because the premium for me even considering it is that. Anyone know about availability of modern things outside of novels and stuff on these devices (that aren't usually free online already) like technical references? I'm looking in this direction more than something else because reading electronic texts is really the only interest I have in even thinking of this.

Most of the text I find on these devices really doesn't answer my questions, so I was wondering what people here knew.

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I'm interested in buying Nook Simple Touch for ~120$ (shipping included) from eBay. Of course I'd root it to enable the original Android UI, install other Apps (Dropsync, ezPDF, etc.). It's the best choice for this money, isn't it? The only other device which seem to be much better are 9" Pocketbooks but they are 5x more expensive :/

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I did buy the device (Nook Touch) and love it. It's great and definitely worth the 100$ it costs. Even without rooting is still does the job very well. It does feel more like real paper and doesn't exhaust your eyes like any LCD screen does.

The important thing is that it's colour changes depending on the type of light, i.e. it's different under sunlight, lamp, etc. I like it the most when placed under an incandescent light bulb :)

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