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I tried again both versions of KB838417 ("latest" and "SP5"), and both are the worst one.

This is fully consistent with my previous notes.

That is, they bring Usbhub.sys v6935 and v7006, and both produce a BSOD when I disconnect a Usb 1 modem.

They also seem to freeze the shutdown of W2k, even from the administrator session - a classical worry by USB.

So I'm back to Usbhub.sys v6689, as I don't have KB838921, and since KB838771 seems bugged.

This trouble does not happen with my flash card reader, which uses Usb 2.0, with the device manager displaying Usbhub20.sys instead of usbhub.sys.

So for people willing to install W2k from a Usb Cd drive, a solution might be to have Usb 2.0 ports and drive, or to copy the Cd to the hard drive and install from there.

By the way, replacing the installation Cd by a Dvd is a small effort (don't forget the boot image) and installs W2k a bit faster.

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About Usbser.sys v7006:

I tried to put KB838417 version SP5 properly, using its installer. Usbser lands in Driver Cache, not in system32\drivers, not in Driver.cab, and is not displayed by the Device Manager.

I also added Usbser manually in system32\drivers in a second attempt. With and without the file, I get the BSOD when unplugging the USB1 modem.

I hence consider that Usbser.sys is independent of this behaviour, which results fully from Usbhub.sys v6935 and v7006, hence both versions of KB838417 are unusable.

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Well, I want to make a new version... but not now :(

I stopped using HBRs myself because of the stability issues.

You can say that the development of this Rollup is suspended. I'll probably make a new version in the future but it's more likely to be after a few months than weeks. Sorry :(

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