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[solved] DIV arrangement behaviour?

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Working on some new layout ideas, and can't figure out why there is a gap in the div arrangements here:


They are appearing in the correct order, but I cannot figure out why two "spots" are skipped before the fourth item is placed, and then continues as it is supposed to. I've checked both in IE and Firefox. You should be fine seeing code generated from your browser... It almost looks like there is something in the way, are they conflicting with each other since they have no height attribute set? If so, what is the best way to get past that?

This is still in progress but I wanted to get the general idea down before playing with additional spacing and coloring of the individual boxes... :unsure:

Update: Yes, the height property needs to be set properly otherwise the box height varies too much. Also needed to clear some two of the divs inside the container itself.

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