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Slipstreaming SP3 and Drivers with RIS?

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i have Windows Server 2003 SP2 (with WDS in Legacy Mode)

but it seemed like it was having issues w. my nLite Modded i386 at point of installation where it reboots aftre teh first half of copying files to the Target PC. (common missing files)

thers However one mod i've given up on when using RIS. USB Hack to allow XP install to and Boot from USB HDD's. (the txtsetup.SIF file gets modded)

i want to do 2 thinsg atleast now., get my server to deploy a XP SP3 Generalized w/ drivers for the common PC's in my household (minus SATA Drivers those i'll install post install) and a Copy of XP SP3 Home (my Dell Inspiron 1300's OEM XP SP1 Home disc.)

i have the drivers for the Generalized disc. and drivers and SP exe to slipstream for the Dell.

how can i do this and what are teh steps? do i Just use the Orginal untouched Discs to make it create the RIS images then nlite the i386 folders or?

Edit: as well how do i convert my RIS images to WIM's so i can use mixed mode WDS to Deploy XP and Windows 7? (this PC is needing to be redone soon but the DVD Drive is begining to fail (its struggling to read DVD discs but has no probs w/ CD's.

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