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Ok guys no flamming and no bs. Mods if this is wrong forum my heart felt apologizes.

Ok guys I want all resoruces imaginable on booting android on an iphone 4.

I want to know how safe/dangerous it is. None of the bs of "oh it is horribly dangerous" when most of the "danger" is from the end user being a total and complete id*** with no knowledge of what to do should situation x, y, or z happen.

I am mentioning this because, the captivate I have is very easy to root, very easy to install a custom rom on and people whine and gripe all day long about the "danger" of doing it.

If the iphone 4 is anything like the captivate, there are a few problems that can happen but, it is very hard to screw something up so that it is totally unrepairable.

I will go ahead and admit I screwed up installing cognition on my captivate, spent 2 hours trying to fix it and get it just right but, this goes back to the main point, it is hard to screw up beyond repair.

I am wondering what the options are and what the level of success installing android on iphone is.

My friend would like android 2.2 or 2.3 idealistically.

If there is no real practical way to get it, that is fine. I've read in an article or two that android 2.3 on iphone 4 is lucky to get a few hours of battery life due to power management conflicts in the design of the iphone.

However, if there is a practical working version of android we could install on their iphone 4 it would make them a pretty happy camper.

I would like it to be fully functional and glitch free as if they had went out and actually bought an android phone.



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