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Solved - Windows 2000 - Windows 98SE Question


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I just installed Windows 2k on a notebook computer today. I have just a simple question ... on Windows 98SE I like the Stone look under Display Properties-Pattern for the Desktop. That Stone look option isn't available in Windows 2k ... can that be copied from Windows 98SE to Windows 2000? If so, what should be copied and where should it be put in Windows 2000? I can't find anything to copy to try, I have tried putting Stone into the Find Files program in Window 98SE. ... thanks

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Thanks ... I tried what you suggested under Windows 98SE and "Cannot find the file" came up. The "Stone" pattern is hidden somewhere on 98SE.

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You can still get the stone look in 2000, but you have to do a tiny bit of manual pixel art.

Attached to this post is a screenshot of the design of the stone pattern in 98SE. In 2000, open the Display Properties and click Pattern. Choose any pattern you don't like in the list, and edit it. Copy the pattern from the 98 screenshot by clicking inside the square on the left (click once to make it black, again to white/other colour). When finished, press the Change button, then Done, then OK.

Hopefully after all that you should have the stone pattern background. :)


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OK, couldn't get back on the internet till now ... thanks AndrewNi for the information, get to that later ... allen2, you should have the Stone pattern on Win 98SE ... do you have "None" selected for Wallpaper ... then maybe the Patterns will show up. I've always had the Stone pattern on my 98SE machines. I posted this question also in the Win 9x forum (link) and got some very good information from two posters ... First, Joseph_sw posted this about finding the "Patterns" information in win9x in the CONTROL.INI file.



Bricks=187 95 174 93 186 117 234 245

Buttons=170 125 198 71 198 127 190 85

Cargo Net=120 49 19 135 225 200 140 30

Circuits=82 41 132 66 148 41 66 132

Cobblestones=40 68 146 171 214 108 56 16

Colosseum=130 1 1 1 171 85 170 85

Daisies=30 140 216 253 191 27 49 120

Dizzy=62 7 225 7 62 112 195 112

Field Effect=86 89 166 154 101 149 106 169

Key=254 2 250 138 186 162 190 128

Live Wire=239 239 14 254 254 254 224 239

Plaid=240 240 240 240 170 85 170 85

Rounder=215 147 40 215 40 147 213 215

Scales=225 42 37 146 85 152 62 247

Stone=174 77 239 255 8 77 174 77

Thatches=248 116 34 71 143 23 34 113

Tile=69 130 1 0 1 130 69 170

Triangles=135 7 6 4 0 247 231 199

Waffle's Revenge=77 154 8 85 239 154 77 154

.... then dencorso posted this interesting link ... Windowmetrics/Patterns .... goes into detail about Patterns and how to make your own.


So I posted everything here. I will work with the Stone pattern numbers (code) and see what I get, hopefully the Stone pattern ... not sure where in Win 2k I will put the Stone pattern code but I will work on all this later today or tomorrow ... still working on my Win 2k setup, getting everything the way I want it, install some software and then do a Ghost backup ... then I can "experiment" with no fear of messing something up ... once I have the Ghost backup. .... thanks to all. If anyone has more information or ideas, please post. .... maybe exactly where the "Patterns" are in Win 2k ... I don't think there is a CONTROL.INI file in Windows 2000 ... at least, I didn't find one in a quick search, not 100% sure at this time. ... AndrewNi, I will also work with your information .... between your info and that website, I should be able to get that Stone pattern on Windows 2k ... I hope.

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There may be a 0KB CONTROL.INI in %Windir%, but that's *not* the way to go, IMHO.

My guess is: Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and create a string value named "Pattern", and then modify it to contain your selected pattern.

The format of the string can be gotten from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Patterns, which has the default list of patterns for the NT OS family (which does not include Stone, however, so it's great to be able to get it from Win9x). I don't have Win2k installed anymore, but for XP, the only pattern in the list in common with Win9x is Thatches, and this permits to ascertain that the format of the string is exactly the same.

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OK ... success, thanks to dencorso's post. I really wanted to try to work through the registry, if that was possible. Thanks to the registry path you provided, I had the Stone pattern on Windows 2k in less than two minutes.

dencorso's post:

"The format of the string can be gotten from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Patterns, which has the default list of patterns for the NT OS family (which does not include Stone, however, so it's great to be able to get it from Win9x)."

I went in to look at the "default" pattern list and just decided to change one of them ... I will never use "Waffle" so I renamed it to Stone and replaced the Waffle number code with the Stone number code (Stone=174 77 239 255 8 77 174 77) and now Windows 2k has the Stone pattern ... best looking pattern there is (JMO, of course!) ... I now have a nice Windows 2000 Blue Color Stone look, like my Win 98SE computers. ... Thanks again for all the help. I really like Windows 2000 Pro so far ... I'll probably be back with more questions down the road.

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