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autoit help needed

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Hello, im lookin for some one with a bit of skill with auto it and maybe some time to kill.

heres the problem im playing this game and there is no buy mass items from vendor option i literaly have to click thousands of times and my hand is killing me!!!

if anyone is able to help me out and save me some pain maybe make an AU3 script that would click 100x or 50x when i hit lets say F1 or or home or something, i would be willing to give you a few bucks for your time threw

paypal for a few coffees ....thanks if your willing to help. oh and the game is fullscreen i dont know if AU3 will work threw that ?

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Welcome to the MSFN!

13. No user shall, by any means:

* Offer any type of paid service or services to other members of the community. Offering any type of service in exchange for other goods or services is also not permitted.


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Easy peasy...


;A Sloppy way to loop and check if F1 is pressed
While 1 = 1
If _IsPressed(70,$dll) Then
For $i = 1 To 100
;The keys you want to send to the game
Send("Send keys that makes me buy stuff")

You may want to change the sleep timer to work better with your game, its in ms.

What keys do you want to send to the game??

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