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How to make a W7 AIO?

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i have seen different versions of windows 7 of 32b and 64b on one DVD....

how can they do that?

i have found this:


but the people have commented that they couldnt did it.... so...what about you guys?

do you know an easy way to burn both versions of windows7 (32b and 64b) on a single DVD?

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well...i dont understand this step:

The List of INDEX NOS in different WIM files:

These INDEX NOS will be needed, when we export one edition from an WIM file to another one.

so..i dont see WHEN im going to need it...on next steps, the author doesnt uses the INDEX NOS on any command or something..

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and can i unattended using rt windows lite?

i mean...lots of programs to make unattended windows 7 ask first for a version to be silent installed

with this...the only thing it do is merge lot of versions of w7 in one dvd...but how about to unnatended them? have you tried that?

thank you very much for the help

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first,you should make the install.wim in one via imagex or other tools.

second ,use waik to associate the attend.xml(er,maybe this name .I have fogot it.)with you wim file.

the last step is to use the oscdimg to make you iso imge.please dom't forget to add "-o"Parameter.

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