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I'm also interested in installing AIMP3 silently.

From what I remember, AIMP2 could just be extracted to a folder, no installation necessary. But it would be nice to associate AIMP3 with common files silently and add a shortcut silently. For file association you can use the latest Regshot easily. For shortcut creation I'm sure there must be an easy way to to that. Will get back with results later..

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So I have made a first attempt at creating an Autoit script to install AIMP3 silently, results:

- AIMP3 cannot be installed using your keyboard (tab, enter etc doesn't work) so autoit will be impossible since catching mouse clicks is not a reliable method.

- all the AIMP3 installer actually does is extract the contents to %programfiles%. So you don't need an installer. Just install it manually and make sure you select "1 configuration for all users" because all the settings will be saved in the same folder. Then copy the the AIMP3 folder from your %programfiles% to a 7zip file. Extract this during your Windows setup.

Whats left is file associations:

- AIMP3 doesn't set file associations. You have to do this manually.

- Unfortunately even if I run AIMP3 as admin, the most common file associations are not set. This is a bug. reported here:


- When this bug is fixed, capture the registry edits being made during file association process and save those to your regtweaks.reg file. Then you'll be able to set file associations silently.

This bug makes it a bit unuseful on Windows 7! Will have to wait for a new version..

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in fact i do regfile with aimp2 to associate file and with aimp3 i deploy the content but i have issues with playlist it erase from aimp3 after close it so i will wait to a RC or for further beta.

Anyway thanks to answer.

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I got news from the Russian AIMP forum:

a silent switch will be available in the RC version.

/REG should work with admin permission.


Could you please quote the silent switch about you talk ?


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Here is an AutoIt script for AIMP3 silent installion.

Autoit can't use buttons or keys in the installer, so I created a mouse clicking script. The script will click on the buttons coordinates depends on the window's position.

You can change the setup.exe name from an ini file.


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These are the switches for AIMP3 B)

/AUTO="Destination folder" - Automatic install to destination folder.

/UPDATE - Update version.

[used with /AUTO]

/SILENT - without GUI

[used with /AUTO]

use this as example:

Aimp.exe /AUTO="%programfiles%\AIMP3\" /SILENT

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