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  1. Hi, Could you please quote the silent switch about you talk ? thks
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I have wbemoc.cab in hfcabs. But it make problems with XP SP3 Home Edition I will try to put WBEMOC.IN_ in REPLACE\I386\. I reply after test. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Excuse my english I'm french... I've a problem with HFSLIP : After I've HFSLIPed a Windows XP Home Edition, I can't install it correctly because of the file WBEMOC.INF. During the installation I have some messages and after installation I have serious problems. If I put original WBEMOC.INF in the HFSLIPed iso file, all works perfectly. Now I know the problem and I can make the modification with my hands. Is there a solution to correct this problem in HFSLIP.CMD ? Thanks

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