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red fonts and underlying in ms word


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in MS Word 2010, somehow I managed to get this when i try to type (red fonts with red underline, while I have not set the format to be like that!)


i suppose i enabled some kind of 'feature', any idea what is this and how to disable it?


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Hmmm. Assuming that Office 2007 is very similar to Office 2010, I can surmise that you have inadvertently set this in the Bar at the top. Just click on the B(old) and/or U(nderscore) and/or A(utomatic Theme Colors) and reset them. There's also a Qiock Styles and Change Styles in 2K7 (does the same thing except in one-click).

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You have activated "Track Changes". Just deactivate it. On office 2003, it's on the Tools menu. (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+E). Don't know about later versions. Usually there is also a toolbar visible (called Reviewing), so you can also find the button "Track Changes" there.


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Office 2007 ->Review->Tracking->Track Changes->(more options)

edit -

Although I don't see the "Formatted" message this way... How to do that?

Just installed (to test/review) O2K7 recently, so it's a new ball game for me...

Err, don't bother with answer... I'll figger it out....

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