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User Agent detection

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In my next version of my website I'd like to have my site detect the user agent of the browser and determine how to display the page. This (as a function of coding) isn't a problem for me to do, but my question is a little different. Does the browser on the Droid phones have a specific User Agent that is not something a PC browser uses?

As an example of my meaning, my next phone will be a Droid and I want to be able to connect to my website with it as needed, but I want it to display differently than if I went there from a PC.

Also (I'll eventually get to it) can a website write a cookie to a cellphone? It would be easier to look for cookie first (although using session might be safer) to see what kind of browser it is.

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The linked site should help you with the detection...the answer is yes, it is in the UA string. And yes, you can store cookies (you're probably wanting to use PHP sessions?) on phones.

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