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How to add WPI to a Windows CD\DVD!

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Win2k, XP, 2003 Disks!!!

LOTS of people seem to have an issue with this so I wrote a quick tut on doing it.

  • 1 = Download http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/$OEM$.rar
  • 2 = Extract to copied XP source (The Windows CD contents)
  • 3 = Add WPI folder to the same source (see attached pic)
  • 4 = Make new BOOTABLE ISO
  • 5 = DONE



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Windows Vista\7 Disks

Download http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/Sources.rar

Extract to copied Windows source, yes you will need to overwrite\ad to the existing sources folder

Add WPI folder to the root.

Remake Windows ISO using your favorite method.

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Thanks Man.

it works.

i have made WindowsXP buitable cd with wpi too.

now i want to know how can i make windowsxp bootable cd with my name too.

actualy some people have made windows xp cd with their name in System properties.

I also want to make windowsxp cd with my name and offcourse with wpi too.

waiting for help

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