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SBS 2003 SP1 R2


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Hello everyone :)

I can't create a DVD with contents of all 8 CDs of Small Business Server 2003. Slipstreaming is ok, installation just perfect...

When it launces 'Continue Setup', at Server Tools component installation it stops saying that the media inserted is a SBS 2003 without any SP. which is not true.

Tried already with a RTM, original source disc, the same happens.

Is possible to put all 8 CDs on a single DVD that installs everything perfectly?

Thanks even for taking the time to read it :)

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Hello :)

it isn't a topic revival, as I've succesfully integrated everything and this is a whole new issue.

and the second topic is different too, as folder structure on that DVD is different from mine :blink:(?!?)

david.lynch, with so little information it is almost impossible to offer help. What are you doing? Are you running nLite? if so, please attach your Last Session. How are you burning your DVD? If you are using nLite, try the alternate ISO Engine(Mkisofs) in the pull down down menu or go to a another program such as ImgBurn (what I use for a large image - about 5 GB). Too much information is much better than too little. Enjoy, John.

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