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  1. Using a single console command line, we need to deny SYSTEM account access to a specific registry key. Subinacl worked for that without issues on past operating systems, but it doesn't seem to behave properly with Windows 10 x64, and other sources are reporting the same. SetACL doesn't seem to know anything about denying permissions on registry, or I couldn't find the proper syntax for it. How you guys would recommend us to achieve this?
  2. right you are! submix8c Edit: an excellent updates list like http://xdot.tk/ for Server 2003, anyone, please? Edit #2: Link for KB2914368 on the list points to KB2440591.
  3. KB2813170 from 4/8/2013 is the most recent that I've found that specifically updates kernel files. Updated versions are: ntkrnlmp.exe 5.1.2600.6368ntkrnlpa.exe 5.1.2600.6368ntkrpamp.exe 5.1.2600.6368ntoskrnl.exe 5.1.2600.6368 This update exists for Windows Server 2003 too. Wish we had access to the full changelog. Would they just fix the security issues or functionality and stability gets better? Edit: right info at http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/172293-latest-functional-updates-to-xp-kernel/#entry1082637
  4. What are the specific updates to the kernel?
  5. Hello Damian! I would like to know if you have (or will have) an updated version of your great UpxGui. Today was released UPX 3.08 (http://upx.sourceforge.net/#downloadupx) BTW, download link wasn't working on your website (http://damian666.boot-land.net/). &
  6. Thanks Geek, but the command line should use swflash.cab directly, as done by Internet Explorer itself. another interesting thing is that, when you use the install_flash_player_ax.exe installer from Adobe, Internet Explorer still asks to download and install it (always from swflash.cab).
  7. hi X, thanks, I already know the installer method. but since swflash.cab is the default way to install/update from browser (and windows setup, it seems) I've searched for the command line of it, without success. also, when using installer, we don't have a easy method to update it since it isn't on 'Downloaded Program Files' for a right-click, 'Update'.
  8. hello! I would like to know what's the exact command line to install flash from swflash.cab. Seems that would be something like 'rundll32 advpack.dll...', and I know that FP_AX_CAB_INSTALLER.EXE uses the switch RegServer from the .inf. A completely silent command line would be nice to! O.S.: Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows Server 2003. *Huge* thanks! &
  9. on my test, it doesn't work. reports missing <LANG-NAME> .mui file, etc. that's REALLY sad that MS didn't released Remote Desktop 7 for Windows 2003... no good reason to do this.
  10. thanks, if possible a true AddOn would be very appreciated too!
  11. Hello CDDM. Did you ever managed to get this working?
  12. Hello it isn't a topic revival, as I've succesfully integrated everything and this is a whole new issue. and the second topic is different too, as folder structure on that DVD is different from mine (?!?)
  13. Hello everyone I can't create a DVD with contents of all 8 CDs of Small Business Server 2003. Slipstreaming is ok, installation just perfect... When it launces 'Continue Setup', at Server Tools component installation it stops saying that the media inserted is a SBS 2003 without any SP. which is not true. Tried already with a RTM, original source disc, the same happens. Is possible to put all 8 CDs on a single DVD that installs everything perfectly? Thanks even for taking the time to read it
  14. doesn't work, already tried with nLite and RVMI. replacing files works perfectly on a live system, never tried to replace on the source. Not every file name has a match, new MSRDP could have new dependencies, etc... , and I'm afraid modifying it would break the digital signature. So, it really doesn't work integrating it into nLite? Have you tried installing it through RunOnce with /quiet /norestart switches, or anything else apart from manually replacing the files?
  15. Hello everyone First of all, sorry if this thread should not belong here. Mods, feel free to move this thread somewhere else you think is better. I've tried myself and couldn't build one. If we extract the contents of http://support.microsoft.com/kb/969084 and then copy files on correct locations, this works perfectly on any 2003 Server. As seen on MSDN blog on launch there were a lot of users requesting it for Server 2003. Any possible workaround to integrate this would be greatly appreciated. An AddOn would be a *very* welcome addition. Kind regards and thanks, everyone!
  16. You're right, would be nice too (I don't know how they do the list, how could I help?)
  17. found this, looks very interesting: http://download.wsusoffline.net/ (anyone have opinions/experiences on this?) Also I've used YumeYao addons with no issues.
  18. Hello everyone, thanks for nLite and all the addons. I would like to know if exists an AIO .NET with the 4.0 release. I've used the 3.5 AIO from YumeYao, with no issues, but there's no sign of 4.0. Any comments will also be welcome, and sorry if this has been answered before, I couldn't find anything related. Thanks
  19. What's the best method to get all latest updates to build the best possible installation media with nLite? Thanks to everyone!
  20. Hello everyone, *huge* thanks for WUD and UL's I would like to know if is planned a release of new UL's. Thanks
  21. Anyone had sucess with nlite or other tool? Thanks
  22. How to get all the latest updates? Thanks

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