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recover disk


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okay here it is:


it includes the 0-100 sector dd file and the MBR/PBR of all partitions and drives


I mean, I don't have any use for the "other" (main, boot, working) drive.

The "right" files for the drive should be only:

  • image[0-51200].dd
  • MBR_HardDisk1.dat
  • BootSector_DriveF.dat
  • BootSector_DriveG.dat
  • BootSector_DriveH.dat

Ther is nothing actually wrong in the MBR_HardDisk1.dat (same contents of image[0-51200].dd) exception made for the extended partition marked 05 (CHS mapped) instead of 0F (LBA mapped).

I don't believe TESTdisk can have the output you posted, unless the problem is in the actual EPBR's. :unsure:

First partition (what becomes "F:") is from LBA 63 for 41913522 up to 41913585

First EPBR is at LBA 41913585

Second partition (first volume inside Extended, what becomes "G:") has a "strange" sectors before of 65.

Third partition (second volume inside Extended, what becomes "H:") has "standard" sectors before of 63.

BOTH volumes inside extended have "crazy" values for $MFT and $MFT mirror placement. :ph34r:

Let's have a look at the actual EPBR's.

IF the data in the sectors you posted is correct you have:

the extended partition from sector LBA 41913585 for 153452880 i.e. 78,567,874,560 bytes

Inside it you should have (unless I am mistaken):

  1. 63 hidden sectors for the first EPBR
  2. 89,755,088 sectors for the G: NTFS filesystem (45,954,605,056 bytes)
  3. 1 exceeding sector for PBR mirror
  4. 63 hidden sectors for the second EPBR
  5. 63,697,656 sectors for the H: NTFS filesystem (32,613,199,872 bytes)
  6. 1 exceeding sector for PBR mirror

Values #2 and #5 don't make much sense as they don't respect 255/63 geometry.

Let's try with three more files - hoping we'll get the actual EPBR's and the PBR mirrors:

  1. Start at sector 41,913,580 for 100 sectors
  2. Start at sector 131,668,730 for 100 sectors
  3. Start at sector 195,366,365 for 100 sectors


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